17th Apr 2003, 11:25

I agree with you the Ford KA collection is a great small car, but oh dear the metallic paintwork is far too fragile for a town car. A slight tap scratches it.

28th May 2003, 09:50

I have been given a Ka as a courtesy car while my Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Freestyle is repaired (following a recent collision with a deer).

I have driven the Ka about 8 miles so far, and already I am impressed. The handling of this car is amazing and much better than the Fiesta's. Fuel economy seems good so far. The Fiesta seems to burn more fuel than a 2.0 litre Zetec Focus, this has been confirmed to me by several Focus owners, and Ford seems reluctant to examine the car. Oh well, that's a different story. The stereo is good, the engine (1.3i in this case) is poky yet smooth and the interior is very comfortable. The paint does scratch easily (by the looks of it) and the bodywork looks and sounds a little 'tinny' when tapped. The overall image of the Ka is slightly asif it is aimed at, dare I say, lady drivers. Having driven it I would say this is not the case.

Overall, I like it. I am starting to wonder why I didn't get the Ka instead of the Fiesta. I look forward to giving it a more thorough roadtest over the next few days.

11th Sep 2003, 04:41

I've owned my KA Collection since it was three months old (it's now two years old) and I've travelled over 14,000 miles in it. No serious problems. Recently the air conditioning started to drip water into the passenger foot-well rather than outside the car - still waiting for Ford to solve that one. Other than that it's been trouble free. Agree with others comments about the metallic paint being delicate; I have the pepper red colour and it shows the slightest mark. Also the air conditioning seriously affects performance and fuel economy - still, it's been worth it during the recent hot weather! All in all a nice, reliable, fun little car. Would I have another one? Oh yes!

6th Nov 2003, 09:10

We still own our Ka (I'm the original poster), it's now getting on a bit, but has remained trouble free. The only problems we have had are discolouring Ka collection decals on the door frame and slight rust under the doors, other than that nothing yet. The side decals were replaced with ones different to the originals, apparently the original style ones couldn't be found so we now have the older style ones on the doors, but these have remained as new and haven't discoloured as the originals did.

All in all the Ka has been a great and we hope in the near future to upgrade to a StreetKa or a SportKa. Other family members are considering Ka's now thanks to our good experience and also after riding inside and being impressed!

More updates to come until the Ka departs!

16th Jul 2005, 00:06

I have a 2004 luxury KA which I have just recently bought after trading in my much loved Red Collection named Henry. I must say that the improvements ford have made on the 2000 version are impressive and the engine now is much more responsive, the handling is just so much better with the power steering being not so light and responsive. For the one that bought the fiesta and wished they had gone for the KA, well just like most of us who own a KA you underestimated the little car, overall the best car I have ever driven.