1990 Ford Laser GL 1.6 liter from Australia and New Zealand


Love my Laser


Seats have started to come apart in places, and the dashboard has cracks in it.

Had to replace a clutch, but being 20 years old, I think it was due for a new one.

General Comments:

Very very good little car. It is a pity that Ford stopped making them, as I would have bought a new one.

It is a reliable car, starts first time every time, and has never let me down. It will be a shame when I have to part with it.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2010

1990 Ford Laser GL 1.6 carby from Australia and New Zealand


Laser? Love it!


Distributor module died twice - at 135000km and 245000km

Timing cover split. Got a Mazda 323 replacement cheap.

No other problems.

General Comments:

Roomy interior - I'm 6'4 and have plenty of head and leg room.

Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to work on and easy on the wallet!

Watch for dull paint - factory finish weathers VERY badly and VERY quickly (mine did anyway)

To be honest I'd keep the laser until it did a million k's on the clock, it's such a good all-rounder.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007

28th Apr 2008, 01:16

My Ford Laser GL has also had a fialing module twice over the last 2 years! Looks like it is common with these cars.

1990 Ford Laser Ghia 5 door hatch 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


As per usual for Ford, this Laser Ghia is a rugged and reliable little runabout without problems


Ignition switch replaced at 135,000km.

Radiator just started to leak at 165,000km (minor). Will have to be fixed or replaced.

Shock absorber rubbers are stuffed, and possibly so too the shocks themselves, as the ride is a bit rough and there is a rattle.

Clutch is pretty worn; not far from replacement.

General Comments:

Ultra reliable little gem of a shopping basket!

Very few things have gone wrong with this car.

Obvious maintenance such as tires and brake pads, have been replaced. 2 batteries replaced.

Engine isn't burning a drop of oil. Gearbox still sweet no sign of worn syncromesh cones... yet.

Lower engine rev performance (torque) not great, however once in the mid to high rev range, and especially the top end, the engine will rev out nice with plenty of power. Overall excellent for a 1600cc engine.

Body paint has lasted pretty well considering. Probably needs a good buff for some reconditioning. Virtually no rust.

Plenty of room inside car for a 5 door hatch. Decor is nicer inside than rival Holden's Vectra. Factory sunroof is the car's BEST point, especially on a hot and sunny day!

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Review Date: 26th May, 2007

12th Jul 2009, 23:17

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! Car has just notched up 172,000km and the ignition module that was replaced in 2007 has just been replaced again! I do not know WHY the ignition module keeps breaking down and it is becoming rather frustrating as each replacement average cost has worked out to be around $250. But hey what the heck.

2 new front tyres at a total cost of $200 were brought in February 2009. So from when this car was brought in 1995 for $16,000 it had around 54,000km on the clock. After 14 years use and 118,000km added the total cost of the Laser including maintenance etc has probably worked out to be around $20,000. That works out at $1,428 per year. Is that cheap or expensive motoring? You tell me!

But remember that's minus the cost of the petrol over the 14 years. If we include the cost of the petrol it would be... Average $30 per week = $21,000. Add the total costs of vehicle and petrol = $41,000 over a total period of 14 years that works out around $3,000 per year all up. Now you tell me if that is economic motoring or not!

1990 Ford Laser GL 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable and economic


Wind screen leaks water when raining hard.

Brake light sometime turns on with no reason and it keeps on these days. Maybe it is a problem of cable connection.

General Comments:

Generally speaking, Ford Laser 1990 model is a very good car. It is reliable, cheap,fuel economic and even solid. I had bumped it against a steel gate of my landlord while doing reverse parking due to wrongly pressing the accelerator instead of the brake, but nothing went wrong with the car itself except the trunk was pushed in. I bought it one year ago from a Bel-rose man and since then it has never broken down on the road. Also it drives very quiet.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

21st May 2011, 20:05

I know this is a very old entry, but I was wondering if this is still valid? And if you still have the same car... I am looking at buying a Ford 1990 Laser, and am wondering if it would still be reliable?