1993 Ford Laser KH TX3 1.8 DOHC injected from Australia and New Zealand


A brilliant car, quick, practical and very reliable


Non-standard exhaust keeps rattling and busting the mounts.

Drivers side electric window plays up when it's cold.

Air flow meter stopped working at 230,000kms. Was difficult to locate a 2nd hand one in Brisbane.

Boot struts sometimes won't hold the boot open anymore.

Drivers side door trim got a bit tatty; had trouble locating a 2nd hand one because the 3 door Lasers are pretty rare.

General Comments:

This is a fantastic car. I love it.

It's got bags of torque, and is pretty quick for what it is.

These TX3's came with a 1.8L double overhead cam injected Mazda BP motor, and coupled with the 5 speed manual, they are a great drive.

I'm used to driving 6 cylinder Falcons, so it revs a little hard on the highway for my liking (3300 @ 100kph), but it's still really good on fuel. I get around 600-630kms to a tank (48 litres I think).

I've had no real problems with it at all, and servicing is cheap.

This car has been professionally lowered, and has 16" mags, which makes it handle like it's on rails, but makes it a bit of a challenge when it comes to big speed bumps.

Still OK as a daily driver though.

It's a comfortable ride on long trips. I drove it from Brisbane to Sydney, and home via western NSW and QLD, and it didn't miss a beat.

Well equipped with electric windows, electric mirrors, air con, remote boot release, central locking, pop out rear windows.

These KH TX3's go like a bullet, but are comfortable, economical and as reliable as anything, if you can find one!

They also look great.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2010

1993 Ford Laser GL 1.6 cab from Australia and New Zealand


The Laser is a perfect reliable and easy to maintain car for first buyers


Head gasket started leaking a bit oil. Forced to replaced all relevant seals when doing pink slip (RWC), although I don't think it is necessary. Around 500 for both labour and parts, not too expensive.

Front brake and rear bearing been replaced at 210000km, cheap to repair.

Irritating and unpredictable small faults on windows, doors and central locking, sometimes work well without any repair.

Air-condition not working since buying from the previous owner. Expensive to track and repair, so I let it be.

Radiator and fans works well, very reliable comparing to my neighbour's 91 Camry and 93 Corolla, both spend hundreds to replace.

General Comments:

It is roomy and has enough room for 5 people, but lack of 3 point seat belt for the middle seat on rear raw. The boot is unbelievable large. If it can be 5cm longer, the size would be perfect -- as good as that of a Camry.

Handling is very good and easy to park.

Engine never dies with just minor service of changing engine oil and filter. As an old car with 220000km on its clock, you may need a few minutes to warn up so that you get best performance and fuel economics. And if been left for a few days without moving, may need a second try to start or step on right foot a little bit. Otherwise it is trouble free and never breaks down on road.

Transmission must be on its last leg. Gentle acceleration is required. Even when as new a Laser with 3sp auto is slow anyway.

I have just driven it from Sydney to Melbourne, 11 hours on highway for 865km without any trouble.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2007

1993 Ford Laser GL 1.6 CARBY from Australia and New Zealand


Good little car as a runabout, Better with a few bucks throw at it


Suspension was worn when I first bought it. Replaced shockers and springs with KYB gas and King Springs.

Head gasket started leaking oil, had top end of motor rebuilt and replaced all relevant seals.

New heavy duty clutch.

Car runs good and quite cheap to maintain compared to others.

General Comments:

With good suspension upgrade the laser handles much better than average.

Cold air intake can greatly improve performance.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2006