1972 Ford LTD Brougham 6.6 400 from North America


One of a kind


My carb needs to be rebuilt, but other than that, she is great!!!

General Comments:

This is probably the best car I have ever owned. I get comments on how nice it is everywhere I go!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2009

25th Mar 2009, 15:45

I've always been a big fan of the classic LTD's from the early 1970s, the 1971-72 styling was definitely my favorite of the LTD's, you got yourself a really nice car, I wish America would go back making cars like that again.

23rd Aug 2009, 19:13

My 95 year old grandfather owns one of these. Bought it new and it's been babied since day one. At some point I'm going to get this car and am trying to learn everything about these old Fords. Has the 429 engine I think and is the Brougham model. Rides like a dream!

15th Apr 2010, 14:26

I learned to drive on a 1972 Ford LTD Brougham... what great memories this car invokes! We bought our in August 1972; I was sixteen.

You can see a photo here: http://wesclark.com/am/cars.html

It was so amazingly quiet, that once I was driving with the classical music station on - not very loudly - and when I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw an ambulance was trying to pass me! I didn't even hear it!

1972 Ford LTD Country Squire 10 Psgr. Wgn. 460V8 from North America


Ford, please bring back these family babies!!


When my wife and I got the car new in 1972, nothing went wrong, even when we sold it back in 1978 for $3000.

General Comments:

Where do I start? Back when my wife and I got our white Country Squire Wagon back in 1972, we had 3 kids then. At the time, gas was cheap. So, we used the car for family road trips only. Man could the wagon move! It was very big, and could easily take the kids and other kids wherever they wanted to go. To this very day, we still miss that car. My wife and I are desparately searching for the exact same white one with brown interior that we had when we got it back in 1972. Trust us, we'll pay top dollar for it when we get it. That's how much we loved that wagon. It never, ever let us down. To this day, the wagon would be perfect for the large family who needs lots of room. Hopefully, it'll be found so we can enjoy old time memories with it.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2006

18th Mar 2006, 19:29

Cool! I miss the old station wagons from the 70s, too. My family always had them, and now I realize there is a niche that the mini vans just aren't filling. They were like a 2WD Suburban or Excursion as far as hauling people and stuff, and you didn't have to step up to get into them. My parents used to load down their full-size station wagons with things that would never fit in a mini-van.

1972 Ford LTD from North America


Very dependable and safe, fun to drive


The points burn very easily causing hard starting.

General Comments:

There is a lot of room in this big, comfortable and safe car. The LTD likes to lean hard when you corner too quickly, but the soft ride makes up for any handling issues. This is not a sports car after all!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2005

22nd Mar 2005, 15:08

I have an old 73 Ford LTD and I love driving it! But it does use a lot of gas! On good days I get 10 miles per gallon. Right now one of the plugs is leaking oil. I don't know what that means, but I will keep driving it. It is a family keepsake belonging originally to my 94 year old daddy who bought it new. I would love more information about it.

1972 Ford LTD 2-door Coupe 400 ci V8 from North America


Damned near indestructible and surprisingly quick


The water pump crapped out at 162K. That's it. :)

General Comments:

Even though it's 19 feet long and weighs 2 tons, it can really fly (the only time I was ever stopped for speeding was while driving this thing).

The interior space is great; I'm 6'3" and I need all the head and leg-room I can get. If you need a car and are lucky enough to find one, buy it.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2001

23rd May 2006, 11:17

I have always wanted to own a 1972 Ford L.T.D. but by the time I got my driving license, these cars were already too old too purchase. I received my licence in 1986, but the 1972 Ford was already fourteen years old.

The 1972 Ford L.T.D. is not a "boat" or a "land yacht", but it is still a big car, it is interesting that you said the interior space is large because comments in the Road and Track magazine say there is large disparity between outside and inside room.

Surprisingly, they are still a few 1972 Ford L.T.D.s roaming around, many of them have been sent to the crusher because obviously cars of this make were largely family cars which were used for function. Consequently, there will be fewer of these around today than let us say 1972 Mustangs which were sports cars and therefore a much more profitable collectors item.

By the way I think the 1972 Ford L.T.D. weighs slightly over two tons, but some sources exaggerate by saying that it weights two and a half tons which is not the case.

Anyway, I am currently on the lookout for a 1972 Ford L.T.D. Brougham or a plain old L.T.D., but I do not want a Galaxy 500 or Custom 500 because these cars were largely throwaway cars used mainly as taxi cabs, company cars and police cars and since they were the entry level full size car, without luxury appointments, they will be fewer around than L.T.D.s or L.T.D. Broughams because of their lower re-sale value due to not being as luxurious. Besides in comparison to the L.T.D., the Galaxie 500 and Custom 500 look rather plain due to lacking in outside trim.

I must say that wish more of these cars would be collectors items, and I wish more people would use them than S.U.V.s because they are just as uneconomical as S.U.V.s in terms of gas mileage, but are a million times better looking than S.U.V.s I think the 1972 Ford L.T.D Brougham is a gorgeous automobile and I hope that it does not become extinct in terms of all of these models eventually being sent to the crusher. After-all these cars were made in 1972, and are thirty four years old now. I think their must be only about 200 L.T.D.s from 1972 left in the entire world if that.