1973 Ford LTD 351 Clevland from North America


Nice ride.


Rebuilt the engine at 167,000 miles because it seemed like a good idea.

Rebuilt the trans at 96,000 when it failed. Rebuilt again at 275,000 because it was a good idea - Didn't want to tempt fate.

Reupholstered twice due to sun damage.

Headliner replaced.

Miscellaneous engine accessories over the years - Alternators, Water Pumps, etc.

Repainted 7 years ago due to oxidation.

All systems functional thanks to self service wrecking yards, factory shop manuals and wiring diagrams plus Yankee ingenuity and mechanical aptitude.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable on long trips.

Mileage on the road is around 16 to 18 MPG (It is a two barrel).

Handles well due to gas shocks and tight suspension. If you treat it right it will take care of you.

It always starts at the first turn of the key, but hey, I maintain it personally.

It can do Zero to 60 in about 8.8 Seconds so long as there is no junk in the trunk.

It has eaten many Hondas at the stop light and on freeway on ramps. Not bad for an old (Stock) girl.

Insurance is cheap. Registration is cheap. Maintenance/parts cheap.

I will drive it until they out law old cars.

Who cares if gas is $3 a gallon. My LTD will roll on.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2005

8th Nov 2005, 07:04

I think just about all those massive boats from the 70's were smooth. I can't remember one car from my childhood or my early teenage years that rode as rough as some of the cars that were manufactured later in time.

1973 Ford LTD Brougham 400 Midland small block V8 from North America


Tough, fast, reliable, enough said


The back tires are wearing because it is so difficult to resist the urge to do massive burnouts.

My only real problem was that I had a few problems with the master cylinder, those problems have since been resolved.

General Comments:

I really love this car. It is fairly easy to make it point in any direction I want it to. The 0-60 times are a bit sluggish, but that is to be expected with a four door ghetto cruiser.

It is a wonderful cruising car. I can fit like six or seven people comfortably in it.

My LTD is also very easy to work on and cheap to maintain.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2005

4th Apr 2005, 06:47

Ghetto cruiser.

Enough said.

9th Dec 2008, 22:27

I have a 1973 LTD Brougham. It has the 351(Windsor engine) and it is a good car.

1973 Ford LTD 351 W from North America


One of the best ones I bought


Air conditioner idler pully bearings froze. Car is now starting to rust (finally). Seats are starting to deteriorate rather quickly. Dash board has a crack in it. head liner starting to fall.

General Comments:

Nice ride.

Gas mileage is fair to poor.

Had a hard time finding a trailer hitch for this ride!

This car is all original nothing really added that is aftermarket.

Paid 400.00 for it.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004

1973 Ford LTD Country Squire from North America


A suburban dream


The only problem I had with it was a major one. The block cracked, and leaked water into the cylinders, making a fog bank from the exhaust.

That truly upset me, because I so loved the car.

General Comments:

I really enjoyed driving my Country Squire... it was softly sprung and floated over road imperfections like they weren't there.

This car had tremendous power (until it broke). But it was a nice, smooth, velvety power that only a 400 V-8 can deliver.

The "3rd" seat was useful,as well. It was actually two facing seats that could sit four kids or people who don't mind being squashed into the back of a station-wagon. I managed to fit 13 people in this wagon all at once (not recommended).

The glovebox was perfect... huge, and it didn't dump out like some do. The adjustable roof-rack was very useful and convenient. It had such nice little insignificant touches, like a remote right mirror, that the driver could adjust without stretching clear across the seat.

I also truly did love the style. The wood-grain, the white-wall tires, the hood ornament. It was so cool!

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Review Date: 28th October, 2002