1987 Ford LTD FE 4.1 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


The ultimate cruiser


Body was in bad condition.

Engines a little worn (considering mileage)

Worn seats.

Front suspension needed ball joints, bushes.

General Comments:

It is cheap to run, seeing as how its on LPG.

I upped the performance ante with a better exhaust, because the stock one is way to restrictive.

The ride's like a limo, plenty of space inside, and interiors easy to modify.

I installed a CD player, hi-quality front and rear speakers, and now a 12" sub resides in the boot.

The front suspension has been lowered with Pedder's springs. Although the ride is a bit harsher, the handling improved dramatically, and it looks mean.

The 4.1 E.F.I motor will be reconditioned with hi comp pistons a 'nice' cam, head work and improved breathing. it should be good for 180-190 kw, so I'm ready to kick some holden butt.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2004

29th Dec 2009, 17:49

I bought an '87 FE LTD in July '92 ($20,000), with 70,000 on the clock. It was a choice between the FE and a more recent NA Fairlane, which was plain by comparison.

When I eventually traded-in the LTD in 2001 (got just $700 for it - shame!), it had done more than 300,000 including a couple of trips to WA, but mainly used on long hauls between Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast, via the Newell Hwy and running around on the Coast. It was a great cruising car.

I had an anti-theft system installed, which bypassed the ignition until activated, but when it stuffed up - which happened 2 or 3 times, it was back to the schematic to trace the fault. I also installed a 10 stacker CD in the boot. Other than that it was stock standard.

I was disappointed in the 3-speed auto, because it gave pretty miserable economy. But the main fault was in the computer management system. Occasionally the whole dash lights would flash brilliantly then go back to normal, which tended to worry me - especially when it happened at Cocklebiddy on the Nullabor!

The other worrying fault was in the EMS with the idling. Sometimes it would stall, which was pretty disastrous in a heavy car like the LTD and my then wife found it almost impossible to steer or brake. Ford was unable/unwilling to locate the problem. It was intermittent but unnerving all the same. Other than that it was marvelous.

After a run to or from Melbourne, the engine would rev beautifully and very freely, and it was always reliable with only the injectors removed and cleaned once in the time I owned it.

A small amount of body rust at the end, and once in a rain storm the wiper motor packed it in, (a bit disconcerting), but otherwise a great old car.

A five speed box, a performance chip (one for the engine was never produced), and a bit of tweaking with the suspension and it would be comparable to most modern large cars, (if you ignore the park sensors, sat/nav, reverse dipping mirrors and so on!)

The 4 wheel disc brakes really saved me on the Eastern Freeway once, when I had to aim for the centre barrier instead of the fallen motor cyclist ahead of me, but I pulled up maybe a foot short of the fence. Good old fashioned, comfortable and generally reliable motoring.