1971 Ford Maverick 4 door 6 cylinder from North America


It sank into a creek and was resurrected!!! Should have let it die!!


Transmission went out.

Oil leak on side cover of motor (common on a straight 6)




Shifter link worn out hard to take out of park.

General Comments:

I learned to drive in my dad's old (gut wagon) Ford! He bought this thing from a guy he worked with back when I was a in Jr. high school. This thing was a tank. Manual steering, NO A/C, rusted more than the Titanic!!!

This car was embarrassment as a high school kid, I mean a real embarassment!!!

We had a creek that ran accross our property, one spring my dad was leaving for work on a rainy morning. We had a long long drive way and it was pouring buckets of rain, near the end of the driveway was a place where my dad turned the car around every morning. (He was backing down the driveway)

Well the creek flooded BADLY!! and he thought he was on that turnaround, WRONG!!! He was in the yard and it was completely saturated!!! Sank about 18" into the ground!! LOL it sat there about a week, then our neighbor pulled out with his truck when the ground dried up a little. We had to let it air out for a long time!! LOL LOL we had air fresheners hanging EVERYWHERE IN THAT CAR!!! We even found a small fish in it!! The thing started right up and kept running!! Ugly as sin!!

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Review Date: 11th October, 2007

1971 Ford Maverick Grabber 302 V8 from North America


Engine burned oil when cold and at WOT. Problem was found to be bad valve seals.

Squeaky suspension that needed WD40 every so often due to dented suspension components.

Water would drip on to my feet whenever it rained. Plenty 'o rust, looked really nice when first bought but the rust reared it's ugly head several months after.

The single exhaust was horrible. Mileage varied on mood of vehicle.

General Comments:

Potentially good power to weight ratio limited by exhaust. Excellent vehicle for logging road and gravel pit/bar driving and "rally racing". Looks better covered in mud. Really fun vehicle for jumping....


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Review Date: 17th January, 1999

3rd Jun 2006, 10:46

Well, I think this car sounds like a lot of fun. If you can get one for a good price, I think it would be an interesting challenge to make it the most awesome beater anyone ever dreamed of. Worth a ticket or two.