1977 Ford Maverick 351w Interceptor from North America


The ultimate in power, looks, and price


The upper control arms squeaked a lot.

In-line 6 had a knock, so I replaced it with a 351w out of a police car.

I cannot keep people from stopping me and asking about the car.

There was a slight rust problem when I first began restoring the car. It was nothing some new steel couldn't fix.

General Comments:

If you are looking for a cheap, fast, and unique car, then you have found it.

These cars are more lightweight than most Porsche cars. Really, check it out for yourself.

A little bit of work brings these cars to life.

They are born street sleepers.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

8th Dec 2003, 10:28

I do agree with what you say about mavericks. My brother owns a 1977 ford maverick and has a lot of fun in it. We live in El Cajon,CA. every Wednesday night we go to the car show on main street. He has won best in construction. he bought the car for $600.00. the car is now valued at 15,000.00 do to modifications even though it is purely track now we drove it and made it the best maverick in elcajon. well see you later.

8th Dec 2003, 13:09

A Maverick worth $15,000? Sure, if it has $14,500 in cash in the trunk!

17th Apr 2004, 20:21

I own a 1977 ford maverick. Have had a lot of fun with it making modifications to it and now has a 390 BB out of a 1965 ford galaxie cop car. And have found out that a maverick is lighter than most mustangs.

14th Sep 2004, 06:33

Hey! I personally am the proud owner of a 77' Maverick. There have been a few modifications added to it, but it is still the best looking car in my town. It also rides better then my mothers brand new Dodge Stratus. I would not sell that car for the world!

1977 Ford Maverick 302 from North America


Needs a 460


Needed 302 rebuilt. Previous owner never took care of it. Transmission is shot.

General Comments:

These cars cruise fast if you build the engine and tranny right.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2000

27th Feb 2004, 10:02

Mavericks and Comets are very light considering they're made of steel. A strong 302 will make 'em fly!