17th Aug 2001, 20:58

I also own a red 1982 ford meteor and was planning on upgrading it to enter it into the ARC. I needed to know whether a 2.0 liter engine would fit into the housing and how large the transmission housing is on it. Any information would be much appreciated, thank you.

15th Sep 2001, 17:12

Dude... I think my meteor is an 83-5 or something. It's only the stock 1500 with the double barrel carb on it. I use at the moment to do the 40 or so kilometers of open road I need to travel to get to work at the moment.

I tell you what, when you open up the secondary (you can tell when you're gonna open it up) at 100km/h in 4th that puppy leaps forward like nobody's business. Damn it's fun, I am however running it into the ground, though at the moment it takes everything I can dish out and comes back for more.

15th Jan 2002, 23:31

I have owned my 1984 Meteor since 1985. It has been absolutely brilliant. 1.5 litre auto. It has had nothing go wrong with it other than minor things which are to be expected. It has almost done 172,000km and doesn't even look like slowing down. It's white with white Cheviot mags and I must say it looks rather cool!!! In my younger days I got it up to 160km for about 5 seconds - I wussed out after that but it did get there! An absolutely brilliant car. Oh by the way, its name is Feargal.

24th Jan 2002, 04:51

I've had the choice of a Mitsubishi Colt or a Ford Meteor 1.5, both for A$550 each.

I've had Mitsi's and a Ford in the past, and looking under the bonnet of the Ford Meteor 1.5 twin 5 speed manual, it looks so basic and plenty of space around the engine to work on. And from past comments here it sounds like the best deal, even though the Mitsi looks nicer.

My first car was a 1972 mk1 Escort, very basic with nice wheels, loved it, but it's gone to car heaven from many years of British weather. Great to see them like new here in Australia still.

8th Feb 2002, 04:42

My 1985 Ford KB Meteor is so reliable I decided to restore it while plenty of BODY parts around (Feb 2002). Hounded wreckers & gradually accumulated "as new" interior parts probably from 25-30 wrecks. Body had minor rust only to fix, no dents, so was a worthwhile project.

Anyone interested to chat about their Meteor can contact me at scenicphoto@hotmail.com.

18th Mar 2003, 00:39

Ford Meteors are a good little car.

I owned a 1986 Model wagon and found them to be reliable and cheap on fuel.

The front end didn't seem to last though - the Cvs and wheel bearings kept on wearing out.

But altogether not a bad car.

21st Mar 2007, 20:12

Hi People, I have just bought an 82 auto meteor from an old lady who literally only drove it to the shops locally since new. It only has 52,300 genuine klm's on the clock and has been garaged all it's life and it is in mint condition. My question is can I run it safely on unleaded, or do I need to put in the additive?

16th Mar 2010, 17:48

Hey, I got a 82 Meteor with a five speed. It's got twin dual throat carbs and cam work, and board out, 30,000, 110 in second, just need extractors. If you can help, call me on 0429202510.

15th Jul 2014, 12:24

My first car was my little 82 Meteor, twin carb.

Being an apprentice mechanic, I thought it was great because old cars need work right? Nup, besides putting bad fuel through it from a dodgy petrol station and causing carby problems that ended in a rebuild of both, this car has been as reliable as ever and amazing to drive! I've gotten the old girl over 170km/h and she was purring.

I'm in the process of restoring her and am so glad to hear that many have done so before me! All I hear is that it's not worth it or that it wasn't a popular car back in the day. This is great incentive to put my $15,000 into giving my first car justice to all its hard years!