1995 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Perfect vehicle from simpler times


Overheating, entire cooling system was rebuilt, new thermostat, water pump, pipes, etc. Turns out it was only a faulty gauge! But while doing this I spent about 300 - 400 and also did the timing belt, so it was worth it; coolant system faults are fairly common on this car so rebuilding the system gave me peace of mind anyway.

Misfire - replaced HT leads, problem solved.

Usual mechanical wear + tear - suspension springs, shocks, ball joints, exhaust, etc.

Oil changes every 10K miles.

Cosmetically, some paint fade, but no major rust. Interior wise the rear windows were a bit stiff, but they were rarely used. Radio was replaced with something more modern.

General Comments:

Bought this 1995 Mondeo back in 2009 and had it 10 years. Was very surprised it lasted this long; these cars are very durable if you look after them, despite what anyone says.

LX model is mid range and had electric windows in the front, not much else. Power steering and central locking with immobilizer are common place with cars now, but I suppose they were options on this car when new. Seats were very comfortable, among the best I had sat in, velour like material, arguably better than leather and certainly didn't have the feel of cheaper seats expected in these cars. Dull with grey colors everywhere, but it was the 1990's and this was a trend that was starting on middle of the road cars and is still pretty much here today.

Outside I liked the look of the MK1 Mondeo. I put on nice alloy wheels with good tyres and that smartened things up a bit. I did prefer the look of the later MK2 though. Mine was blue which suited it just fine.

1.8 petrol engine managed high 30's MPG, with 40 MPG possible on longer drives; was not a fast car, but moved when it needed to, I had no problem keeping up with modern traffic. There were fast 2.0 and V6 versions if you wanted more performance. Gear change was slick and the handling was very nice and sharp, and can even give modern cars a run for their money.

I'll never forget the adverts for this car during the 1990's, very nostalgic for myself growing up back then. They have quite a following and were once a common sight on the road, but now early MK1's are rare, you do not see many. In the end with this car it was time to move on for me, sold it last year to an elderly gentlemen who needed a run about for a fair price. Still was passing MOT's easily with no major rust even after 25 years! This particular basic model will not be worth much, but low mileage sportier Mondeo's are now going for higher prices due to rarity. Overall it was a great car for me and I might buy a more modern one next, but I will miss the simplicity of cars from this time period.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2020

1995 Ford Mondeo LX 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Excellent car, still going strong


New thermostat at 80,000 miles. Broken rear window winder. That's it!

General Comments:

Had this car a long time and put many miles on it trouble free. For a car at 20 plus years old, it's still getting used as a daily driver. Why don't I drive something more modern you might ask? Well until this car dies I see no point replacing a reliable car that gets me about in comfort. The car was already pretty old when I acquired it, but looked like new and still does today apart from slight paint fade on the bonnet.

The MK1 Mondeo is not bad looking, but very 90s inside and out, however it is a comfortable and reliable car, which is its main appeal. Get an LX or above with alloy wheels and a nice colour to sharpen things up.

The 1.8 Zetec engine is an absolute belter in regards to reliability, using little to no oil or water whatsoever even as I approach 200K miles. It has been serviced on time, oil changes every 10K miles or less. Performance is only adequate and I would prefer the 2.0 Zetec or V6 Mondeo which are faster. It does manage 38 MPG on average though - for a 1.8 petrol engine it's pretty decent for its time.

Compared to my previous car (BMW 3-series) there are shortfalls in interior trim quality, but the Ford more than makes up for that with reliability. The interior is a nice place to be, I've always found it comfortable enough, and bright. I have biscuit velour with contrasting dark metallic red paintwork on the outside, and a nice set of alloy wheels. Electric front windows and a few other options may be standard on modern cars now, but this was well equipped at the time; if you want the lot go for the "Ghia" models. To drive the car is typically front wheel drive with understeer if pushed too hard, but feels very safe, balanced and predictable.

Overall if you are considering one of these cars, go for it, a 90s Mondeo is what solidified the Ford's now long running Mondeo as a world renowned car in overall ability. Try the 1996 - 2000 models though, they have a fresher appeal with updated front and rear design, which is much better looking in my opinion than the dull 1993 - 1996 models front and rear end.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2016