7th Oct 2004, 21:24

50,000 Km.

I've changed the original Michelin tires 195/60/15H Energy with 195/60/15V Energy.

Apart that I felt expensive over 100 US$ each the adherence was greatly improved.

On cobblestone wet was more than adequate.

Nevertheless, at 140 Km/h seemed to be noisier than the original tires.

From 160 km/h noise was drastically reduced.

As such speeds are not usual I inflated the new tires at slightly higher pressure: from 2.2 bar to 2.4 bar.

The riding became unpleasant and the suspension rigid. The adherence was reduced. It seems that for 2 persons and some luggage 2.2 bar is the best.

At the higher pressure the noise spectrum remained the same as that at 2.2 bar inflation.

The fuel consumption did not decrease.

As an overall no advantage or contrary 2.4 versus 2.2 bar.

I had a problem with the fuel tank cap. The 2 way valve that is in the cap chocked from dirt!

The pressure in the tank built up. A leak under the body occurred at the link of the filling hose and the tank. Frightening. Inspected the seal at the dealer that did not clean under body before started to work. I insisted and they cleaned by compressed air.

They replied that is a filter in the tank and all the dirt that falls in will be stored in the in-tank filter (before the pump). When I asked how they clean that filter they remained silent... And they are supposed to be specialists! I wonder what do people that do not understand anything about mechanics or simply have no time to go under the car at the dealer?!

What I discovered: the fuel tank at Mondeo MK2 on gasoline has no shield on the right side (the side with the fuel filter)! (On the left is the exhaust pipe and is shielded) The plastic tank is fully visible and unprotected. Any stone from the road at high speeds can puncture the tank. Any dog or cat run over can at high speed destroy the tank.

No talking about a picnic where at any time a root or a fallen branch can be in the way.

Is no wonder that FORD lost market share in the 90-ties.

You, that guy who designed and the other one who approved so careless the fuel tank without any shield on the right side, can you sleep nights?

31st Jan 2005, 19:37

The automatic door lock on left back passenger side will die soon. Already I have difficulty to lock by remote. The lock mechanism inside the door has no grease anymore.

28th Oct 2005, 01:57

Revision and service at 50000 km.

They recommend oil Duralube instead Mobil1. We see how will perform. I put also 10W40.

What they really found was in the brake drums in back: dust from wear of brake pads. I always complained about the poor braking and the unreal position of the hand brake (too high). Nobody could solve the problem. They said is normal. After cleaning inside drums, braking is responsive and hand brake civilized. Folks this is something to know.

Service and revision at 50,000 km cheap, something like 200 US $. Good.

16th Nov 2005, 22:56

52000 Km.

I drive only 2ooo km /year recently. For this reason the air-con suffered. The compressor's valves blocked. I had to fill in freon (did not cool anymore) and to unstuck the valves. (about 50 US $).