13th Dec 2003, 12:20

With regard to the Accord, exactly what is it about the car that makes it "class champ"? It's probably a bit safer, has a bit more room in the back, and maybe a bit more refined. So what? The Mondeo is the only car in its class that offers any form of driver entertainment, and the new Accord hasn't changed that. Still your average bland Japanese box, albeit quite a nice looking one.

With the combination of dynamic excellence, and competence or greater in every other area, the Mondeo is still my pick of the class.

25th Jan 2004, 22:15

What about the Mazda 6?? It is just a Mondeo/Volvo V70 (all the same platform pretty much) with a smarter looking suit!! It is anything, but bland in looks. Not to mention how it handles.

10th Apr 2004, 02:18

I agree with the reviewer. I got mine foisted on me as a company car when somebody left and it was the only car available. I was gutted because of the image that goes with the car (company sales rep). However, my dismay turned into a broad grin when I started driving it. It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven and has plenty of grunt.

I'm thinking about asking for another LX when I have to give this one back. The only change I will be making will be the colour, this one is bright red!

14th Jul 2006, 18:47

Regarding the Honda, there's one thing missing - a hatchback. When Honda decided to take the Accord up to the 'executive saloon' sector, where the only thing you need to put in the back is a briefcase or a set of golf clubs, they alienated hatchback buyers who like to not only use their cars as a weekday transit to and from work, but also like to fill it up with a wardrobe or take rubbish to the tip at the weekend. I looked at the Accord, and agree it is a great looking car, and nice to drive, but I am more than happy with my Mondeo Zetec TDCi. I used to have a Mk1 Mondeo, and it was a good car way back in 1994, then I had a Saab 9-3. However they dumped the hatch too, so I looked at the new shape Mondeo... I love it! It's not flash, but it does everything I want in a very neat, well built and modern package. I bought mine second hand (04 plate with 56k on the clock) for £7,000. The heavy depreciation means they're excellent value for money too.

23rd Sep 2009, 15:29

I think the review is very good, and as I am looking to buy a second hand estate due to growing family, and MPVs are not my taste, I read as much as I can before making my move. I was considering a Mazda 6 or Opel Vectra, but I think the Ford Mondeo has won my heart so far. I read many reviews, and apart from better than average reliability and value, great road manners make this car so special. It has not been mentioned that the suspension is a masterpiece and has been adapted to the Jaguar X-Type. What more do you need to convince you?