25th Jul 2005, 12:16


Stupid question maybe, but does the ST220 have the same roof lining (beige) as the standard Mondeos? I find the car really interesting, but it's all about the details and I'm quite in love with the dark gray of my BMW...



9th Aug 2005, 21:40

Yes it is beige Martin.. but once you are driving it, you ignore the color of the ceiling...

Happy motoring.

28th Aug 2005, 21:03

I'd rather sell my wife than my st 220.

29th Aug 2005, 03:35

I Have/had an ST220, a lovely lady hit the front of my ST at about 50mph, while I was giving way to her, as she was overtaking a parked car. The ST took the impact and all 4 people in the car were unhurt. It's a marvelous car and a thrill to drive. £6,300 damage insurance want to fix it, but I think it will not be the same car, and want it to be written off. So I'm now looking to replace it. With of course another ST. I looked at the Titanium X. Not a patch on the ST. Happy motoring.

6th Sep 2005, 09:05

September 2005

I have now done only 12000 km on my July 2004 ST 220. This is a great car and every time I drive it, I am impressed by the power, road holding, comfort, ride and economy. It is such good value for money, the equivalent cars costing between 20 to 40% more.

This is the 1st new car I have purchased that had no faults on delivery. Service costs were covered totally by Ford’s service plan. Well done Ford!

4th Nov 2005, 19:45

Proper slow. would just about outrun focus 170, despite having 50 bhp more.

10th Nov 2005, 23:59

Re; ST170 would outrun ST220

I have got both!

Believe me the Focus ST170 cannot live with the Mondeo ST 220. The difference is incredible - on any road in any conditions. The new Focus ST may well be a quicker car, but I am waiting to see if the car is too light to effectively put the power down. If it can it will give the Subaru/Evo gang another option!

11th Nov 2005, 04:21

Proper Slow?! Compared with What? Do you own an ST220?

11th Nov 2005, 04:31

I pressed enter too soon! I appreciate your comments re. the ST170. However, I have driven one and own a 220. They cannot be compared in terms of power delivery and flexibility. I bought a 220 because I'm a petrol head. This is the second V6 I have owned and it sounds fantastic. It's also so easy to drive - I don't think the torque figures reflect just how lazy this engine makes driving. It's designed to be a fast, comfortable cruiser, not an out and out boy racer mobile. If you want one of those - buy a Golf GTI (which is no faster) with a set of ear plugs! In my opinion there are few cars on the market that give so much for so little money.

12th Nov 2005, 15:03

I wasn't comparing the Golf with the Mondeo as it is unfair. I was simply saying the Mondeo is a refined fast cruiser. As for the Clio - you're having a laugh - what does that have to do with anything?! I can't wait for the Focus ST to come into force and blow the GTI out of the water.

14th Nov 2005, 10:55

Comments regarding the Golf GTI v Mondeo ST220.

Having just traded in my 03 ST220 for a new Golf GTI, Both Cars are completely different to each other in respect of good points and bad.

The GTI was designed to be quick, and is. On the other hand, the ST was designed for all round ability without compromise and is equally as impressive. ( (Apart from braking ability) )

It all depends on what the buyer wants in a car. if you could have a car with the performance and handling of a GTI and the everyday practicality of a ST, It would most definitely be all the car you would ever need.

21st Nov 2005, 12:42

Re: my dad has an st 220.

St 220 has 0.155 hp/kg and the focus st 170 has 0.128 hp/kg.

The st 220 is definitly faster than the st 170 focus. Maybe your dad is being a gentleman and by letting your friend in the belief his focus is a bomb.

Happy motoring.

29th Dec 2005, 20:15

I own an st 220 mondeo machine silver 2004 and it drives like a dream, bought the new focus st for my wife today. Had a test-drive last week -very impressive. Far better brakes than the mondeo st, better in the low rev's, haven't tried full speed, but I think it will be faster than the mondeo in acceleration, but not at top speed... Handles like a cart and the trim is of a much higher quality in material use than the old focus, if Ford can keep up the same quality improvement with the new mondeo in 2007, it will be something to look forward to... The focus st will arrive at the dealer mid febr. 2006...keep you posted.

Happy holidays everyone, drive safely and stay sober behind the wheel.

15th Jun 2006, 03:25

The Mondeo ST220 was figured to 60 in a recent test (Autocar I think) at 6.7 seconds. On a par with a Clio 182 but it will sit at 90-100 mph on the motorway for hours with barely a whisper from under the bonnet, provides all the standard kit you could wish for and will seat five in utter comfort. I also know which I would rather crash in.

21st Jul 2006, 04:33

Odd that comparisons between an ST220 and ST170 are made. I've just bought a 220. Fantastic car. The ST170 may be a little quicker off the mark, but for a man with 3 kids would be a ridiculous purchase. An Ariel Atom wipes the floor with everything, but wouldn't be much good at Morrison's. Besides which, I love the subtlety of the Mondeo, whereas the Focus is an out and out Chavmobile. Not to mention the Barf-inducing orange paint option.

1st Aug 2006, 09:11

I have also purchased the Mondeo ST 220. I can't complain with anything on the car. The handling and the speed I can get out of it is unbelievable. I used to own an MR2 2.0 GT T bar, which was a laugh, but I feel the Mondeo is a better car by far.

29th Aug 2006, 17:50

I too love my ST220.

Positives: The handling, the build - just the all-round package. Things like the AUX jack in the glove box so you can connect your personal DAB/IPOD to the stereo are appreciated. The cruise control is also fab-o.

Negatives: Fuel consumption is not pretty. Ken Livingstone would hate us! Tyre noise can be intrusive, particularly if you have removed the back panel. The only major problem I have had is with the tracking. I have taken it to two different Ford dealers under Ford Direct and they have not helped. It still pulls to the left. Swapped the tyres over etc.

Hint: I installed the Miltek exhaust system (<£500) and it does add the estimated 5% extra power and it sounds "lurvley".

30th Jan 2007, 05:13

Hi, am amazed that you actually think Mondeos (even the ST220, good as it is) are fast. I can't imagine why people won't clamour for the bigger engines that are seen abroad. In Australia, we have a car based mostly on the chassis of the Mondeo, the Falcon. And boy, what a chassis! The falcon and Mondeo share the most amazing grip on any surface and, for family cars, give back a lot of driving pleasure. The big difference in Falcons is the engine sizes, 4.2 V6 is standard kit, and would sucker punch any Mondeo I've driven. The XR6 version adds a turbocharger, now that's power. When will the EU drop the cc tax nonsense and let people buy real cars? And don't give me any of that economy crap, my XR6 turbo still gives me 22 mpg. Happy hunting!