20th Feb 2001, 03:39

I have owned a 24v V6 manual Mondeo for two years, bought it secondhand, the car has electric heated front seats, seat adjustment, sports suspension etc.

A beautiful torquey engine, lovely gearbox, sensitive and sufficient brakes, very good also in the snow with the traction control switched on.

A most comfortable car to drive, cruises very well at 80 with power to spare and returning a steady 32 to the gallon at this speed.

New rear bushes last year and apart from that no problems.

13th May 2002, 17:44

I still own a 1994 24v Mondeo, after nearly 3 years and an added 30,000 mile I have no argument with the car, and still look forward to driving it.

Only problem's I have had was at about 70,000 the water pump went to heaven, but I was lucky enough to see the rise in engine temp before anything nasty happened. I replaced the pump (surprise Ford Genuine part was cheapest available).

However a few months later the car got stuck in snow, then towed into a curb which busted the bottom of the radiator. It was driven till the point the engine went up in a pile of steam and oil. Radiator was replaced and car ran fine once more, but I had a sneaky suspicion that the head gasket (s) had blown. Sure enough after a few months it blew of the top cooling hose. I replaced both gaskets and had the heads skimmed.

Unfortunately it's never ran the same again - It's got a lumpy tick over and uses too much oil. But never the less it keeps starting and still goes well.

I have removed the cat (well the big one) - It's made the car pull slightly stronger and improved economy slightly. Only other work was replacing front brake disk and pads all-round.

Economy mainly around town is about 25 mpg.

I know I will miss the car when I come to sell it - but then I might replace it with another.

18th Nov 2003, 03:27

Bought my 1995 24v SI for £25 with a dead engine. Was difficult to source a second hand engine, eventually got one with a noisy crank for £125.

Had crank reground + new shells cost about £150 now runs sweet as a nut. Can't complain at £300 for a fairly powerful fun car to drive. All mechanical work was done by my mate so didn't pay labour. Only other problem was heater blower & pollen filter, this was cured with a visit to scrap yard for blower motor £15 & filter £8.

Found that most performance parts etc are cheaper to buy on line from US as this car is really just the Ford Contour. This means it is quite easy to bring it up to ST200 spec.

12th Dec 2005, 21:12

You won't get 8bhp just from cone filter, need direct forced induction to get that increase.

17th Mar 2009, 20:41

Overheating can distort the bore liners, hence the oil burn and uneven tick-over.