1964 Ford Mustang Convertible V8 260 cid from Sweden


An American Icon


A lot of things, but it's an old car:

Heater core and heater box, heater motor, heater ducts, different rubber hoses, rubber seals, gas cap, new carburettor, gas pump, new carpet, new exhaust system, various chrome parts, master brake cylinder and new brake lines around the car, new brake shoes and fittings, rear leaf springs and shock absorbers all around, partly new wiring and fuse box, various rubber parts in the steering.

When I sold it off, the transmission was starting to slip from 2. to 3. shift and steering probably needed an overhaul otherwise this car started to get good.

General Comments:

This was a 64 1/2 model and one of the first ones that was produced with the low compression 260 cid from the Falcon. This car I bought was worse than anticipated, but it was extremely easy to work on and the parts are quite cheap and available.

I'm planning to buy a new one now after selling the Conv. It will be a 65 or 66 HT. I'll stay away from the 64 1/2, they are not as good as the 65/66 especially the Conv that are very weak in the body structure. OK it's not a sports car, but a cruiser, but the Conv flexes all over the place. I'll seriously consider a 6 cyl, they may be a bargain compared to the V8 models. The I6 models are much better balanced in heavy corners and with some mild tuning you should have enough power.

Also watch up for rust, there are many shiny rust traps out there. This car is an icon and a collectors car. The problem is that many people take a beaten down Mustang, sprays on some new paint and puts on some Cragars and then wants a fortune to sell. And many gets blow, sadly.

So do your own research and check the car thoroughly. Don't even trust a well known dealer, like I did. "Hey, it's an old car, what did you expect?" may be the answer from this so called well renowned dealer.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2007