1967 Ford Mustang Sports Sprint 289 V8 2V from North America


Sexiest Mustang of all time


Nothing has gone wrong with my car except for a few battery changes.

General Comments:

The car is all original and it is a beauty.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2009

14th Jul 2009, 12:54

Some other details would have been nice...

And I hope you changed the oil at least once in the past 42 years...

I bet if you haven't replaced tires, hoses, bushings or other rubber parts, you soon are going to have to. I don't care how good of condition it is in, 40 year old rubber equals lots of leaks and suspension noise...

Hope you've done a coolant flush once in a while...

Rusty coolant equals rusty, and leaky freeze plugs, water pump and radiator...

Definitely wouldn't buy that car from you if you were selling it, you've done no maintenance so that means its in great condition now, but the first time someone drives it past the drive way it will totally self-destruct mechanically...

Have fun with that...

1967 Ford Mustang Coupe 289 from Australia and New Zealand


The car that can do it all


The car itself has been very solid, the only problem has been with the previous work done by inexperienced people. This required a full restoration in order to properly correct.

The driver's side seat, which is now the passenger seat for RHD Australia over 40 years has suffered from collapsed springs, which is the same as the rear seat.

Neutral safety switch has failed.

Indicator selector switch failed after 1000 miles.

General Comments:

This is the perfect car for a fun and reliable daily driver or weekend cruiser.

The sound the 289 makes with the right exhaust is one of the best sounds in the world.

If you drive it everyday you stand out in traffic and don't feel like a lemming by driving another a to b plastic sandwich box.

Every morning, it feels like driving a getaway car with the noise and torque of the V8 being so theatrical.

You get comments and offers to buy the car where ever you go.

You just have to find the right mechanic who knows the cars personally.

I wouldn't drive anything else as it gets me to work everyday (the daily commute is one of the most exciting things in my day), it can be used on the weekend for recreation. I take it to shows and get comments constantly.

The cars are bullet proof, with parts being cheap and plentiful. This is car that can be customized in any way I want.

People say it's an expensive car to run. but then I ask them how often they have to replace their modern cars - every 3-4 years. I won't ever replace mine - what a saving.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2008

26th Sep 2009, 19:23

After reading the report I could only think that it was "music to my eyes" as I am patiently waiting for the day when my '67 Coupe is completely restored. I have about eight weeks to wait, give or take. I echoed the thoughts of just enjoying driving a 'Stang, and travelling alongside all the little Korean tupperware cars on the freeway. I can't wait to hear the exhaust sound from my 2V 289 V8, which will have extractors and a 2" system...


Cheers Geoff.

1967 Ford Mustang Convertible 3.3L Inline Six from North America


"A metal metaphor for America"


I would like to start out with the story of the purchase of my car. In 1967, my father was 16 years old, and he wanted a nice, new car. He had looked around for 3 or 4 months and found this 67 convertible. The man who bought this car from Ford flew to Ohio, then drove the car to California, where it has remained for nearly 40 years.

The original 200ci 6 was rebuilt 3 or 4 times with around 400,000 miles when it finally cracked and needed replacing.

Recently the carburetor idle jet needed replacing and it turned out needing to rebuild the entire carb $300.

4 4x4.5 rims cost $80 each, and tires came to a total of around $840.

Drives like a truck with the 3-speed.

6 cylinder parts can be difficult to find.

Fuel economy isn't wonderful, maybe around 25 city 20 highway (3-speed geared for city driving)

General Comments:

I love this car, even though it drives like a truck, isn't fast, doesn't get all that good fuel economy, and is difficult to find parts for.

My convertible has a 200ci 6 cylinder under the hood and isn't what I would call quick. 0-60 takes around 11 seconds and top speed is around 100mph, that is assuming you are brave enough to take it up that high. You may say to yourself, "Well, I'll buy one, then beef it up." Good Luck! There is an Australian intake that will add 3 Weber side draft carbs. That intake is around $800, and you should have a 250ci head and bigger headers. All in all, a 5 lug/V8 swap would be cheaper/more practical.

I researched swapping in a 5 lug front disk conversion. That will total around $2500-3500 (including rims and tires). That's not including the engine/labor.

I just turned 17 years old and decided to restore the interior. Originally, the dash was made of brushed aluminum. My father always had the top down when he had the car, and eventually it discolored and he sprayed it flat black. I bought just about every part in the interior (except the seat covers/foam, and carpet). Including 4 Diamond speakers, the total was around $2500, which is a lot. Mind you, this is not including labor, My brother and I installed everything ourselves.

The Mustang was "a metal metaphor for America". It will always be one of the coolest American Muscle cars and will always look good, which is one of its best features.

On the whole, these cars aren't the cheapest, fastest, or nicest cars in the world, but they have plenty of character and if you care about your Mustang, it will show. You will likely fall in love with your mustang, especially if you buy a project and build it yourself. This is probably one of the cheapest muscle cars to run/own (with the 6).

I recommend buying a Mustang if you are looking for a nice clean get around car, not a commuter. I also recommend you try a car out before buying it, Mustangs are not easy cars to live with, especially every day, make sure you are committed to driving and enjoying the car, not just using it to get from a to b.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2006