1972 Ford Mustang Mach One 5.0 V8 302ci from Netherlands


Amazing 70s toy. I will keep it till my last day


Rear shocks replaced at 61000km.

New brake shoes at 63500km.

Swapped overhauled engine at 65000km.

Transmission overhauled at 65000km.

Rear right wheel bearing replaced at 66500km.

Rubber bushings in front suspension replaced at 66500km.

Heater core replaced at 67500km.

Brake pads replaced at 68000km.

New wiper blades at 68000km.

New front brake hose replaced at 68500km.

New electronic ignition wiring at 68500km.

Over the years; annual maintenance such as grease jobs, oil and filter changes, spark plugs, air filters, one new right front tire, one new left rear tire, windshield replaced due to a crack.

General Comments:

Since I first saw this car as a ten year old, it was always a wish of mine to own one. This is my second Mach One; my previous one came from Anaheim ca. This one is an import, which comes from Agenau Swiss. People always take pictures of the car when I drive it through Amsterdam. It always turns heads and is a real pleasure to drive.

It's garage kept; sometimes I just sit in the garage and just look at it, and I don't drive it when the roads are salted like now.

Yes, of course it costs a lot of money to maintain it, but what do you expect as the car is almost forty years old.

People always start talking to me and ask me questions about it at the gas station. Brings back memories sometimes to older people.

I am very fond of this car, and will keep it till my last day.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th December, 2010