1979 Ford Mustang Ghia 2.8 V6 from North America


A hardcore piece of Detroit Iron


The electrical system, in particular the fusible links for the ignition system, have started to give me problems, one day the car will start on the first try, other days it will just crank over and over with out any spark from the coil.

The floor boards have rotted out on the drivers side.

Had to replace both front rotors.

General Comments:

For a 23 year old car it still gets me where I want to go efficiently and gets good gas mileage.

In my opinion it has the best v6 ford offers.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

18th Jul 2003, 12:16

I'll agree with the comment of hard core Detroit iron, but it sounds like my 1979 Mustang Ghia has maybe fared somewhat better in the floors haven't rusted out. The Mustang was originally purchased new in Kansas and ended up in Dallas where my then High school student daughter purchased it for $500.00 in 1998. I assume the odometer had rolled over at least once and showed 50K plus. Initial inspection showed an unmodified 2-barrel, single exhaust 5.0 V-8 that suffered minor oil lossage. I replaced the key switch assembly and later the alternator. It would still be running, but unable to convince her of the need to check the oil, it was eventually ran dry. Currently it sits in my garage under a tarp awaiting an overhaul.

4th Sep 2005, 09:19

Conducting a complete 1979 Mustang Ghia restoration. It is a notch back that I have had for 25 years. Using another 4 cyl. notch back for parts.

It had the Cologne 2.8 engine, well several have been installed as a matter of fact.

We are putting the 302/5L in it with an overdrive transmission from the 79-80 Lincoln Mk V. Has anyone had experience with that combination? What type of wheels or wheel covers did the V-8 oringinaly have?

1979 Ford Mustang Ghia 5.0L from North America


Good running tough car


The transmission lines rubbed together and made a hole. It was easy to fix though. And my starter is dying, but it is like 21 years old.

General Comments:

You can bag the hell out of this car and it won't die. It has a lot of power and runs great.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

22nd Aug 2002, 20:21

I had a 79 Ghia with the inline 6, it had no power and a very dull finish on it, but it would never die & was so easy to repair. I miss it some times.

13th Feb 2004, 09:21

I also have a 1979 Ghia mustang and it has been garaged for the last 12 years. This last summer I put in a new carburetor on it and it runs almost like a dream. I also got it painted and hope to show it this summer. It is a really nice looking car, not bad for being 25 years old this year and its been in the family for the past 20 of those years.