1994 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 5.0 H.O from North America


Fast and exciting girl getter


The starter went on the mustang a week after I purchased it.

Uneven tire wear, thus means a need for an alignment.

General Comments:

This car has been the most fun to drive out of the six previous cars I have owned.

The car has good power down low and accelerates very quickly.

The torque is probably my favorite attribute of the car, doing burnouts through second gear is a lot of fun.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

1994 Ford Mustang Coupe 3.8 from North America


A great car after problems are fixed


Head gaskets and rod bearings went out at 100k miles. $4900.

Tie rods squeaked when turning slow. $400.

Air conditioning never worked since I bought it.

A few interior pieces have broken.

The airbag light came on when driving until the bulb burned out. I never got it fixed.

General Comments:

The standard V6 is pretty slow after its out of its limited power range.

The automatic transmission shifts smooth as silk when going slow and shifts rock solid when giving it gas.

The standard open rear differential isn't good in winter. I never got stuck with it though. It can be replaced with a Ford T-lock for added traction.

The seats and most of the interior looks brand new.

There are almost zero rattles/squeaks in the car.

I normally get 24mpg on the highway.

I have bought many GT upgrade parts like strut tower brace, fog lights, dual exhaust, and Gt rear end with T-lock to make it into a much better quality of a car.

In the last 29,000 miles I haven't had a single new problem develop. It's a great car. Mustang automatic transmissions are prone to going bad with abuse and I hope that mine won't go bad.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2004

1994 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 HO from North America


More reliable than I would have thought


Since the day I bought the car, the rear suspension, or something in the rear has not been right, when you hit certain bumps. Plus, the more people you have in the car, the more severe the "slapping" noise you hear in the rear. Funny, no one has any clue what the problem is. Fortunatley, it hasn't gotten any worse.

The water pump went at 63,000 miles and left me stranded.

I'm losing coolant mysteriously.

Strange smoke that smells like coolant comes out from under the hood once in a while on the driver's side.

I go through tie-rod ends a lot.

Steering rack completely dead at 35,000 miles.

General Comments:

Not a bad car. performs pretty well and handles nice. I love the interior the best of all the mustangs, yet (aside from the '85 and '86). I will say this: The old 5.0's from '86-92 were quicker and had more torque. I don't care what the numbers say, they were quicker and they are much quicker than the newer 4.6 stangs. Hands down. The 94 is OK, even with the 2.73 rear end. I would recommend leaving the car stock, as aftermarket parts just ruin the integrity of the vehicle. I've had a K&N filter charger on the car, which caused it to suck in hot air and detonate. Not good. If anything, change the exhaust to an aftermarket cat-back system like flowmaster. Anything else is just foolish. I would definitely buy one again and plan on it someday. Great car for the money and it's pretty powerful.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

4th Aug 2004, 21:16

Fox chassis mustangs, I know this is SN-95 but it is only an upgraded fox chassis, have a tendency to leak from the heater core. This may be where your leak is. I've done a few and they are very labor intensive so watch out.

7th Mar 2005, 10:39

Yeah. I agree. My 96 eats stock 5.0's. The 5.0 has more torque and can pull off the line, but midrange and top end I walk away. I added 3:73 gears, and that solved the problem off the line.

27th Mar 2005, 11:07

Finally, I see that somebody has the same problem with a noise coming from the rear of their 94 mustang GT. As you mentioned, since I bought the car there is a sqeaking/grinding noise coming from the rear when you go over a bump. The problem increases significantly when there are other passengers in the car. I had the car looked at by Ford when I bough it and later by an indepedent mechanic. Nobody can figure this problem out. Can anyone offer some insight to this problem? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

29th Dec 2005, 01:42

Rear anti-swaybar bushings are worn.

17th Jan 2010, 16:11

Actually some of those Mustang GT numbers are wrong.

1987-1992 Mustang GT = 225hp, 300tq

1993 Mustang GT = 205hp, 275tq.

They started putting 225hp in 87, and ended after 92, apparently this was due to tougher emission standards, and some people say the car has a more restrictive air flow.

It's funny because the 93 Mustangs look the best in most peoples opinion, and they are always thought of, as being the fastest... but they actually aren't!

And more famous is the 93 Mustang Cobra... yet its power output was actually PATHETIC!

It only put out 235hp and 280tq at the crank.

Which is technically WORSE than the 87-92 GT's from the previous several years!

Although the 93 Cobras are still famous for some reason, and cost a lot to get and are harder to come buy.

I believe the 93 Cobras are a little better equipped than the GT's and still pull 0-60 in under 6 seconds for such low horsepower numbers.

Not to mention, I believe most 87 and up GT's and Cobras have forged internals, so if you add a supercharger, you will have peace of mind that the engine can handle it easily.