1997 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L from North America


Great car for a girl on the go!


A/C needed fixing.

Battery died.

General Comments:

My dad bought me this car when I was a senior in high school. I always wanted a Mustang since I was a little girl. I didn't know a whole lot about cars before this one, but Mustangs are cute, and I got a used one!

At first my dad was worried about me driving a car with a V8, but after driving it, he said he wasn't worried about me crashing. It's a lot more comfortable than my previous car I bought with my own money. Even for V8, it's not scary at all to drive. From what I was told, I guess the 90's GTs weren't really powerful.

It gets a lot of attention wherever I go, especially from the other girls at my school. SOOO many girls want to have a Mustang and I feel lucky to have one.

Gas mileage is kind of bad, especially compared to my last car.

The speakers are nice, and it's easy to drive and see out of.

All in all, it's not perfect, but it's so worth the drive.

Ladies, if you want cute car that sounds and looks great, get a Mustang! I'll keep it forever and I hope someday when I have kids and I have a daughter, I can get her a Mustang of her own!

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Review Date: 21st December, 2009

1997 Ford Mustang LX 3.8 V6 from North America


I loved it!


Replaced Mass Airflow Sensor at 73k.

Easy job, did it myself in Autozone's parking lot. Part cost about $100.

No other problems when I owned it!

General Comments:

Handles well, nice, comfortable feel.

Very pretty.

Nice, throaty sound from a V6.

Gas mileage was decent.

Reliable, easy to work on.

Trunk space was adequate.

Scary ride in snow, or on ice, of course! Rear wheel drive...

Be prepared to get remarks like "Its not a V8" or "It's not a GT". But hey, let them pay your insurance if they want to see you in a V8.

And be prepared to get raced by every import racer on the road, regardless of whether or not you wanted to race.

If you're not a gear head when you buy this car, you will be by the time you sell it. Just the thought of having a "mustang" makes you want to trick it out, or just buy a car with a bigger engine, just like I did.

Great car, I'm considering buying a similar one for a work vehicle, as I just bought a nice, low mileage trans am... and I'd like to keep her mint as long as possible.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2006

1997 Ford Mustang LX AODE from North America


Lots of show, some go


According to the dealership I bought it from, my catalytic converter on the drivers side was no good, I got under the car and realized I had Off-road H-pipes...Problem 1 dodged.

About a week later the water pump blew, I guess it seized from storage, no biggie it was covered under dealer warranty.

Aftermarket alarm shorted and stranded me for a few minutes until I removed the brain. Not major at all.

Overall nothing big has happened.

General Comments:

Car is awesome lookin, BUT its slow as a slug, one day I got smoked by a minivan... A MINIVAN! If it was a 5 speed that wouldn't have happened.

Low end torque was good tho.

The open differential is a hassle when driving in the winter, unless you enjoy digging yourself out of snow everywhere and everytime you park.

The interior is set up nice IMO, I'm a big guy (6'0" 200lbs) and sit with the seat at the end of the track and all the controls for HVAC, Radio and all other things are in close reach, and positioned well.

The cup holder is a little flimsy and gets in the way of the E-brake...would be a problem if you had an emergency.

Cabin acoustics are AMAZING. I had 4 6X8's in there, stock size, stock location, but aftermarket company (infinity) and it sounded great. The subwoofers in the trunk really added to the overall musical experience, you got immersed in the music.

Blind spots are something to get used to in the car, and also the length of the front end, considering my previous cars were a Ford Taurus and a Nissan Altima, it's a big adjustment.

The car is safe as a tank, I got into a 40MPH accident, radiator burst, radiator support bent, bumper hood and fender wrecked. Bumper supports 100%, my passenger and I, 100%. As a matter of fact after the accident, I drove the car home. No problems.

Cheers to American steel!

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Review Date: 14th April, 2005

12th Mar 2008, 12:33

Drove it home after the radiator burst??? That sounds unlikely.