2009 Ford Mustang GT - RoushCharged 4.6 SC from North America




Fog light bezel has separated.

The gauges are a little loud.

General Comments:

I love this car, it sits in my garage, and I drive a used Toyota van every day to enjoy it on the nice weekends.

It is vapor silver, and looks like a stock GT Mustang. It has the Roush (dealer installed) super charger, and makes 439HP and 446 LbFtTq. In English that means this thing flies, literally. 1/4 mile time of 12.03. Which puts it in Corvette territory.

It is loud, loaded, and a blast to drive for both me and my father (my car, somehow he drives it more).

My only issue with the car is with the fog lights melting the internal clip.

Aside from that, and really when taking into consideration all the things that can go wrong with a high performance car, this car is pretty solid. It doesn't rattle, there are no squeaks, and it handles very well.

It has a nice solid interior, it is almost Toyota quality, with a Lincoln look.

If you have a dealer who does Roush resale, I would recommend the SC installation. It is well worth it, and the look on the guy to your right with the SS Camaro, and the guy to your left with the new Vette, when you lay into it, and not only leave them, but have the time to roast the tires in doing it... well that makes everything so well worth it.

Would I buy a Ford, No, would I buy a Mustang? Absolutely.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th November, 2010

11th Nov 2010, 11:09

"Would I buy a Ford, No, would I buy a Mustang? Absolutely."

Okay, you knew someone was going to say it... The Mustang is and always will be a FORD!

Even the 2011 stock GT with 412 HP will take an SS Camaro nowadays and since it is $20K less than a Vette it is not really in the same class. However, if you took even half the difference and put into the Mustang you would add the Vette to your "cars you can beat" list.

I drove the '11 GT and the Camaro SS back to back and the Mustang was so much better it was in a different league. The sound was way better and the driving experience was much better. It was easier to drive as far as seeing out of it and it just had a much more comfortable feel to it. The 2011 is the best Mustang ever.