21st Sep 2003, 19:48

1994 with the 3.8 v-6. three blown head gaskets, transmission replaced, lousy ride - spent more on this one vehicle than all others I have owned in 35 years of driving. Ford paid off first head gasket change, but never admitted problem. Hope they solved problem going forward, but do not purchase one used!

11th Nov 2003, 13:11

I purchased a used 1994 mustang v6, since then, I blew my gaskets at 85 thousand miles, rotors were warped, EAGLE GAs suck a**, caused me to get into in accident, I don't blame the car for that, got new tires never felt safer (Not GAs). now after 90 k miles I'm getting trans slips, as for me I like the car and I know all of these problems occured now, but it's kind of what I suspect after 10 years of wear and tear, performance wise, I say it's just enough to satisfy me, handles well, and a good ride, maybe I got lucky O.o

Besides I do all labor myself, so it doesn't cost too much :D, When you got a Ford, FIX OR REPAIR DAILY, better be prepared. ;)

10th Oct 2004, 00:58

I bought a '94 v6 4 years ago used... at the time it ran great..2 1/2 years into it I started having trauma. At the time I didn't know about the 3.8 liter's head gasket problems... lotsa "quick fixes" trying to figure out why it was always overheating, all at least costing 150.00 per repair... last week a head gasket blew...1200.00 and I have to pay for a rental car on top of that. I am torn between keeping it after paying out the $ or unloading it and letting it be someone elses nightmare. Do not buy a 3.8 v6 or you will be sorry (and broke)

5th Dec 2004, 13:20

I have a '94 mustang with a 3.8 liter engine in it. I love the car, and yes I have had to replace a gasket. I have had no other problems in the 10 years I have owned it besides a oil leak. It's a great car and it is worth buying, if you know the history.

17th Jul 2006, 20:12

Neve ever again will I own a Fix Or Repair Daily car in my life again.

I had a 1994 Ford Mustang Convertible. I had it for 5 months of hell. Since I got it, I spent more than 2,000 on that car. I replaced the gasket on the gas tanks because it just started to leak a lot of gas. I also replaced the transmission gasket, but that still would leak oil ever now and then.

Had to replace the window motor because it was raining hard and the window just fell down and would not go back up.

Top would always leak water in and it look like I had a swimming pool were the top would rest.

Also I had to fix the rotors and brake pads, but that's normal.

I had to fix the A/C twice for the 5 months I had that lemon.

The car could turn on with any key, because the ignition would not lock, and the door as well, any key would open it.

The transmission would not move the gears nice, it was always jumping.

Never could fix the overheating. I changed the water pump, the thermostat, radiator, heat sensor, fan motor. But never could fix that problem. Then water started to leak into the engine.

Have a 1992 Camaro Convertible. Won't give it up for anything, still runs great with no problems, and still have that car since 1999.

But there is a God - a guy came by my house and took the Mustang for 2,000, and boy that made my wife jump for joy. Never buying a Ford again period.

21st Jul 2006, 19:02

Just some passing thoughts,

The complaints I have read in here on these post do not seem to point towards problems that stem from abuse/s. Ford to date, has not recognized officially the problem at hand with head gaskets. Dodge made a seemly similar mistake with their Neon motors; the only real fix that worked was a shaved number 4 head bolt. At least Dodge admitted to their error (blind holes not drilled deep enough), Ford has not shown any balls yet (twenty plus years later, so I would be pissed too). The overheating Mustang 3.8 V-6 is something I am addressing for a friend now; the ‘used car lot’ removed the thermostat in order to dump it on them. If I find the definitive cure I will post back here, if not then Fords 3.8 is just a POS, just like the company’s attitude.

P.S. Daughters Mustang might be headed my way as well (I hear now) ; I got a spare 383 Dodge motor maybe it is time for a swap and keep it as a toy, even though I am not a big Dodge fan I am tired with Fords’ lack of backbone.