5th Sep 2002, 13:44

I have 2001 Mustang GT and I have the same issue with 2nd gear. Someone told me one time, if you can't find them then just grind them. That seems to be true or my 2nd gear. I have owned the car for 13 months now and have 27,000 miles on it and 2nd gear is my only issue so far. People stare at me when the hear a loud grinding noise coming from a high performance car. I sometimes feel like a dork. The car has plenty of power and has great handling. Good job by Ford on the 2001 Stang!

12th Sep 2002, 16:16

I may have an answer to some of your problems. The spark knocking can be solved by simply using high octane gas. My stang spark knocked very loud at first until I started using the high octane. The problem with the clutch sounds like something that will cost you more money then what it is worth. I would recommend changing the clutch. Put some kind of high performance clutch. In the long run I think you will spend less on a new clutch then trying to fix the stock one. On another positive note the high performance clutches do help with shifting quickly.

29th Sep 2003, 23:59

I got my car in July, in Florida. The first day I had it, I did notice some spark knock. So from then on I used 89 octane gas (Chevron - exclusively). The manual says to use 87 octane, but the weather conditions here and my driving style suggest otherwise. Stay away from the cheapest gas in town, there's a reason for that great price. Even at $0.10 more a gallon, it only amounts to a dollar or so more per fill-up.

7th Oct 2003, 21:54

I had the grinding problem on my 2002 GT, but the dealer took care of it by adding a friction modifier to the transmission fluid. They said they had received a notice from Ford to do so if a customer was complaining about problems with grinding gears with the clutch all the way in.

12th Mar 2004, 14:56

I have a 2003 GT, and I also have the 2nd gear grinding problem. I took it back to the dealer for my first service appointment and had the transmission replaced. It ended up doing it again on my ride BACK from the dealership! Is this friction modifier something that most dealers know about now? Also, would a performance clutch help this? If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the help. I've only had the car for 7 and 1/2 months, and I feel like crying every time I hear that noise.

31st May 2004, 22:55

Shortly after I purchased my 2001 GT with 18,000 miles, I noticed a knocking sound in the transmission when the car was in neutral and the clutch was out. Beleive me it was excessive. I took it to my local Ford Dealer and they installed a new transmission and the problem was still there. They then installed a complete new clutch assm. and the noise was still there. Ford advised the dealer that the noise was common in that transmission and nothing was wrong. In 2002 they went to a completely different transmission. My complements to the dealership for their work to correct the problem. I LOVE THE CAR...

15th Oct 2005, 21:18

Love the car, pity the knocking or pinging and stability not prepared for the power, beware bumpy curves and forget rainy days. Once I changed shocks/struts, springs, lower/upper control and had them well balanced out the car changed to the best. Tri Ax shifter worth it all the way. Beware of cheap after market parts, you'll pay for it.

Once some money is well spent on the car its awesome. Mustang had a transmission change mid 2001 model.

12th Mar 2008, 14:57

You should look into trading your Mustang in on a used Camaro. Your car will be trouble free and much more capable.