9th Aug 2006, 22:16

The C6 3 speed auto tranny hasn't been used since the late late 80s. This stang would have a 4 speed auto, but it still saps the energy of the car.

28th Aug 2006, 08:29

No, the car in question is equipped with the AOD-E transmission which is the successor of the C4/C5 transmission used from 66-86, the C-series was three speeders (C5 with overdrive) while the AOD-E is a four speeder. I think the last commenter is mixing the C4 and the C6 transmission. The C6 was only delivered in combination with the big-blocks and the big-block option disappeared with the introduction of Mustang II in 74.

28th Jul 2008, 09:45

Mustang slow?

Don't buy an automatic, SIMPLE.

The 5-speeds are 1 FULL SECOND faster in the 1/4 mile!!! (that's a pretty huge difference)

Secondly, the Mustangs don't have a lot of HP, but they DO have plenty of torque (I pulled a buddy's F-150 off of a frozen lake with my Mustang, YES I said it!!! And the car barely even noticed!).

If you want more power, go to supersixmotorsports.com

The 3.8L V6 is an EASILY modifiable engine, and very solid and reliable.

The transmission isn't underpowered, it's the same transmission that's in the V8's, only made stronger for more horsepower. It won't give you any performance upgrades though...

The stock engine and tranny can hold at least 300hp on a nicely running system (plus have less weight than the GT's and Cobras, which are WAAAY heavier).

Any more than that, you'll wanna do a forged rebuild!

7th Nov 2008, 15:14

I have a 1994 Mustang V6 with a 2001 3.8L block. I also have a V8 transmission connected to it. The 1994 3.8l connections are the same, but the block was changed in reason of the other one overheating. The V8 tranny is automatic. It's a 4 speed automatic. It's not bad, it's quite fast when you are going 20 and hammer it. Is it slower with the V8 tranny or does it make it faster? ((Russ))