1973 Ford Pinto Wagon 2.0L from North America


Excellent cheap transportation for a first time car owner


Voltage regulator.

Sway bar mounting bolt.

General Comments:

This 1973 Pinto Wagon was the first car I owned for any length of time, and for me it was a vary reliable trouble free car to own.

I was 17 when I bought the car, and it was nicely rusted at that time. Soon after I got it, I pulled out in front of someone who ran down the right hand side of the car, knocking all the bondo off and generally making the car look even worse.

I continued to drive the car regularly until I left for the USN. I sold the car to a friend of mine who drove it several more years, and only junked it when both floor boards rusted out so badly water and snow blew in the car.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2009

1973 Ford Pinto Runabout 2.0 from North America


I wish I still had it


The seal for the hatch leaked.

The struts holding the holding the hatch up were bad.

The battery tray rusted from battery acid.

The automatic transmission failed at approximately 192,000 miles.

General Comments:

I paid $350.00 for it in 1982. I gave it to my sister in 1984. She drove it for a year. She sold it to her future brother-in-law. He drove it for a year. He sold it to his brother. He drove it for a year. He sold it to a lady who lived locally. I last saw the car eight years ago. It was still being driven. He said he saw the car a month ago and it is still being driven by the same lady. Who would have guessed a 1973 Pinto would last so long and still be going?

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2003

3rd May 2011, 13:24

My first car was a red 1973 Pinto. I bought it used after being discharged from the US Navy in 1976. I owned the car for two years. I drove that car everyday and everywhere, including trips to northern Wisconsin, Knoxville Tennessee and Miami Florida. I never changed the oil, and basically abused that little car for the entire time I had it. In hindsight, I wish I had it now. It got great mileage.