2001 Ford Puma Storm 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Cracking engine, go kart thrills, build quality gremlins


Severe stone chipping on bonnet.

Rattles in both doors. Drivers side window does not shut properly and unaligns itself.

Rear parcel shelf keeps coming loose, water enters boot when opened after a bout of rain.

Passenger seat rattles if there is no passenger sat in it.

General Comments:

This car is near perfect, but flawed. The paint finish is to be scorned, stone chips appear so easily I dare not drive on an unfinished road surface.

Inside space is quite tight, I'm 6' 2" and can barely squeeze into the seats, but once I'm in the legroom is OK. I just wish the back of my head would reach the headrest and that the steering wheel was adjustable for height. But the funny thing is you can ignore this because the handling is superb. Long journeys are OK, but not recommended. Forget the back seats, this is a coupe. The boot is useful, but useless in the wet, all your shopping gets sodden.

The interior has some nice touches, but interior quality is substandard. The materials are very cheap and phantom rattles can be heard all over the car.

The Puma has sold on it's reputation of great handling, superb engine response, and lighting reactions to driver input. On all these points I agree wholeheartedly. The gearshift is brilliant and the way you can chuck it through bends is awe inspiring. But I get the feeling I should have bought a VW Golf which though is inferior in the handling stakes and ultimate driver fulfillment, it has a more powerful engine and is better screwed together. And one more thing the dealerships should concentrate on helping their customers, not just try to palm them off.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2002

18th Sep 2002, 06:49

Agree on the dealers and that quality ain't up to VW standards. However no mk3 onwards Golf will touch a Puma for twisty road thrills, whatever it has had done to it, and however much power it makes. Hot hatches don't work when they weigh 1400kg!

Puma build quality is better than the mk4 Golf's dynamics. You made the right choice.

20th Mar 2004, 16:38

Interesting set of reviews. The car is great to drive (best I've ever owned) but the reliability of mine is so awful I am always concerned about what will go wrong next.

It's had so many faults that I cannot consider buying another car from Ford. Faults are electrical and mechanical, the body panels started to come apart after 15,000 miles to let rainwater ingress to the interior. I was told it was normal wear and tear... come on dealers!

I particularly took note of the issue about stone chipping. I have never driven a car which has such fragile paint finish, the slightest little impact removes paint down to the primer. Never experienced this in 20 years of driving. As for the rear parcel shelf... well most Puma owners have to live with it spending most of it's time in the bottom of the boot.

A great shame. What could have been a great car has turned out to be a total rogue!

6th Feb 2007, 08:00

Hi i've been driving for nearly two years now and want to step up with he money that I have and have been looking into the puma thunder model with he extras, but would recommend the puma to me?

2001 Ford Puma 1.7VCT 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Great drive, shame about the build quality


Rear screen heater switch failed

Electric windows failed (several times)

Poor radio reception

High level brake light fell off.

General Comments:

The Puma is one of those cars that always makes you smile when you drive it. It's neither the quickest nor best handling car around, but remains great fun to drive particularly along twisty roads.

It is also noisy (many rattles and creaks) uncomfortable and poorly built with indifferent paintwork - but you can forget about all of this when you are behind the wheel.

Would I buy another one? - of course, if only they still made them.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2002

2nd Dec 2003, 09:21

I get better radio reception than I did with my Renault clio. Plus the speakers are way better. I've got the CD unit and it's a joy for easy music.

Not so great for deep bass stuff, but then who gives a monkeys when the drive is so great!

2001 Ford Puma Zetec 1.7i 16v VCT from UK and Ireland


A great performing coupe at an affordable price


The middle console rattles a bit.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car. Even though there are quite a few on the street, it still turns heads.

The car is seriously quick, and the handling is brilliant.

Good room at the front, but the back is a bit cramped. But supposedly that's what you get with a coupe.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2001

2001 Ford Puma 1.7i from UK and Ireland


Stunned for words... It's really that good!


Never EVER EVER had a problem with my Puma!

General Comments:

This car is seriously good fun. Take it down the back roads and find out just how well it goes.

Handles like a dream and half the time, you feel like you're in one as everything is so comfy.

The steering is positive and gives a lot of feedback which makes you smile, every other corner.

Joy to drive and I want to keep my Puma forever!! (I might upgrade to the Wolf though).

Best coupe Ford has ever made and the best the world has EVER seen!

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Review Date: 27th March, 2001

26th Dec 2002, 13:54

Spot on with this - I'm on my 2nd and hopefully soon my 3rd!