24th Mar 2006, 08:14

Hear hear to the original author!

24th Mar 2006, 10:31

I think the author is having a laugh, this whole thing is a joke!

You own a Puma – get over it! As for the CTR – In your dreams!

24th Mar 2006, 11:06

Hello ALL!

I have just read most of the comments on this page.

Well I have to say you have had me rolling around my room in fits of laughter.

I especially liked the short story Puma v CTR.

Now I think I may have to buy a Puma and find out what all the fuss is about.

I also think there may be a job in TV or Radio for mr Puma and Mr CTR!

If you ever do meet to settle this I would pay good money to watch as I think the build up and trash talk have been top notch!

Please keep this debate up as I look forward to finding out what miracles the Puma has performed today.

Thanks for cheering me up, read you tomorrow.

25th Mar 2006, 09:56

To the original author from Clio 182 owner.

You clearly state that you raced and kept up with a BMW 330, so stop pretending we are misquoting you and defend your claims or admit you are lying.

Why not meet up with me and the CTR owner, we will compare the cars and have a laugh, if you can outpace or out corner us then great, we will be amazed. If you don't, then all I ask is that you admit it on here!

I live in the York area, how about you guys???

25th Mar 2006, 09:58

If you like this review, try the 1988 Vauxhall Carlton 1.8 that's fit for a Saudi King, must be the same author, or maybe his father!

26th Mar 2006, 12:39

Well I am buying a Puma, so I will race anything on the road. Who has the most bottle wins, end of story.

27th Mar 2006, 01:47

That's great, why not meet up with the Clio 182 and Civic R owners and show them your bottle on the dragstrip!

Unless it's a bottle of NOS, you will be left behind! Ha Ha Ha.

27th Mar 2006, 05:49

CTR owner here.

It looks there are quite a few people who find this debate amusing, not just myself! It’s the only reason that I keep replying to author and his amazing Puma. Waiting in anticipation to see what little trick or amazing stunt the Puma can perform (or was that out perform?!) next!

I’m glad the Clio 182 owner has actually quoted the author as that’s exactly what I was referring too. He has clearly made claims about his car and is now failing to back them up. As I’ve said before, this is the exact reason the debate started in the first place.

The only thing that I have claimed is that my CTR will outperform a 1.7l Puma (speed, handling, whatever) and I will be more than happy to prove the point.

I live in the Ipswich area…

I did like the little story by the way, made me smile!

29th Mar 2006, 12:25

Interesting that Enzo Ferrari would comment on a car released 8 years after his death.

I guess the Puma is just that good...

3rd Apr 2006, 13:43

Since we are getting the cutting and pasting out:

"Right. Firstly, I want you to realise that all my comments come relative to MY experience of driving cars." Therefore MY OPINION and MY EXPERIENCES. I have only come up against CTR a couple of times and, as I am sure you will say, they were obviously not racing properly. Of course, if you were there I would have barely started and you would have broken the speed barrier, but that didn't happen on the times I raced. To give the same example as before, the BMW 330 was a close race. What I was trying to illustrate was that in real world conditions my car is as much fun as more expensive machinery.

You cannot argue with this because it is MY opinion. If you disagree then see my title: "superb, but not for everyone".


1 - You still do not respond to the many professionals who hold the puma in high regard and not the ctr, etc, but again, don't worry: we still all love you.

2 - "That's great, why not meet up with the Clio 182 and Civic R owners and show them your bottle on the dragstrip!

Unless it's a bottle of NOS, you will be left behind! Ha Ha Ha." WELL DONE. You have completely ignored EVERYTHING: it is not about speed. I will assume that you are merely not reading and will not dwell on this any further.

3 - "The only thing that I have claimed is that my CTR will outperform a 1.7l Puma (speed, handling, whatever) " AFRAID NOT. Its the "whatever" where your car falls apart. It is not as fun as mine IN MY OPINION.

If you don't like it then keep your car and I am happy for you. Well done. Equally, there are many people who have a Puma and keep it. That's good too.

I am not trying to convert you to my way of thinking (as you clearly are trying to do to me) so lighten up. I have responded to all queries, but you seem to completely discount the possibility that you just misread me, whilst simultaneously not responding to my comments. Seriously, if you have any serious questions I will answer them, but you are really ruining this forum by being so petty about it and trying to read between the lines.

Time has already shown that the Puma is seen affectionately and the CTR is not. This doesn't mean it is incapable, and that is not what I am arguing, so grow up!

10th Apr 2006, 06:55

I have owned 3 Pumas, a 1.4, a 1.6 and now the full monty 1.7i VCT version. There is nothing on the road that can touch these cars for handling and the 1.7i VCT engine built by the Cosworth F1 Team is a modern marvel.

If you take the car to your local Superchips dealer, they will change the software and release the full potential of the engine. The new 2.5 V8 F1 engines produce 800 BHP, so it is not a problem to get half that much from the 1.7i which is modelled on half of the old 3.5 Cosworth DFV Unit, the most successful engine in F1 history.

With the full power unleashed the car is as fast as anything in a straight line and the cornering remains unaffected on half throttle, though anything above that requires expert powersliding techniques and should be used on track only!

The reason for the conflict on this post is that some people have driven standard 123 BHP cars and others have driven the full 350+ BHP chipped cars, which are a different animal altogether!

11th Apr 2006, 02:39

The Ford Puma is not even in the same class as the Civic Type R or the Clio 182. Why are you guys even bothering with this pointless debate?!!!

12th Apr 2006, 07:05

My integra would wipe the floor with your pug...sorry.

12th Apr 2006, 16:15

I dare say it would. If it were a hot hatch, your comment would be relevant. You can buy a Porsche 968 Club Sport for similar money which is better / faster still. What's your point?

To the guy above that - nice response. Someone not waving their willy on this thread - what a refreshing change.