23rd Feb 2007, 01:51

Also to test cars and to put things to bed! thay must be standard! so Mr 300 bhp Puma man you can play, but you can't if you know what I mean.

Aaron Parsons (A D P)

23rd Feb 2007, 04:04

I have a Puma and have had the chip mapped by Ford Racing at their secret development centre in Croydon. The 1.7iVCT engine is one half of the DFV V8 Formula 1 engine and once chip tuned to F1 standards (standard settings) produces a little over 300BHP at 14,000 RPM.

There is no need to supercharge it, just have the restrictors removed and the chip mapped back to standard and you have the fastest car of its generation.

25th Feb 2007, 14:25

Read his comment again, you've completely misinterpreted it.

28th Feb 2007, 01:50

Evo 8 boy here, last comment about the phone was funny lol.

It made me giggle. Sorry mate, you're right about the turbos not needing so many revs.

Can you try and get this in a car mag, I would love to see it.

Thanks evo 8 out.

28th Feb 2007, 02:35

Hy comment 27th feb 2007 05:06 I never said I was a cosworth expert! If you read my comment I was just asking if any one else had heard about the Puma cosworth that was meant to have been made!!! So say sorry!!!


28th Feb 2007, 11:51

Most of the Pumas raced were 1600s actually and these put out 200BHP in supersport trim.

Id also love to see this thread in a magazine, I will mention it to the editors of Autocar and EVO when I next see them, they are personal friends of mine and regularly call me up for information and specs of Ford cars.

1st Mar 2007, 01:41

Comment 28th feb 2007 11:51. Nice one mate I would love to see this car as well, he can put his Puma were his mouth is..

Comment about the Puma Cosworth, i, ve heard this story as well.

That would have been some car.


1st Mar 2007, 03:19

Sorry I stand corrected, you are right the ones they raced where the 1600's I was thinking of the one off that was made with that kind of power and 4wd.

Can't remember where I have seen it just remember it from somewhere.

26th Mar 2007, 09:42

These comments are getting very funny.

99% of people are so wrong.

The puma cannot beat M3 and such. (Although it probably could beat an Astra 2.2 on a track).

However the puma IS one of the best small coupe's ever made (Note one of, not necessarily THE best). Is definatly more than just a fiesta. Its not the most powerful coupe (shame!) but has superb handling which is what you pay for when buying this car. A bit like a Lotus Elise, you buy it for handling, not power.

All in all, people who assume it's a fiesta are missing out on a cheap, incredibly fun to drive car, that beats cars worth several thousand pound more. But hey, there loss.

16th Apr 2007, 07:46

Maybe it is a fun to drive car, but then so is the new mini (which is utter crap!)

At the end of the day the puma is a hotted up fiesta and is trying to be something it's not, even the 'racing' version hardly offers anything better hear where a good hot hatch will leave it standing.

The puma is one of them oddball woman's types of cars obviously marketed by ford to appeal to this type of buyer when they were making it.

There are far better cars for the money.

19th Apr 2007, 02:43

Well you've clearly never driven one - something you should definitely try before it's too late.

Also at the end of the day a Skoda is a Volkswagen. But I know which one I would prefer.

19th Apr 2007, 09:36

Oh I have driven one, the racing one to be exact and also the fiesta st and I hate both! the puma is clearly trying to be something its not.

20th Apr 2007, 05:48

I was at the Nurburgring at the weekend in my derestricted Puma 1.7 16v and turned in a few sub 8 minute laps, one car which I passed regularly was the new V8 M3, there was also an M5 in taxi trim trying to keep up, I nearly crashed though laughter when I saw it rolling round the bends!

So, now I have proven that the Puma can still cut it, can we stop the bickering and all pay respect to the best coupe ever built!

11th May 2007, 04:41

Wow, this threads old!.

I own a 1.7 puma so obviously I'm going to say I love it, it's a great car, not very fast though, but Id like to say a few things, mine is standard, completely standard and has done 0-60 in 7.9. NO JOKE. That's it though, it won't do it any faster than that and I can say this because I've had it timed.

Of course modern cars will be faster, more refined and there will be a lot that are better than the puma, but you can't beat it for driving fun, I'm sorry, but modern cars are to heavy, too safety orientated, The civic type R is a good car, but please if you want to rave about a Honda save it for the Integra!

To the owner of the Mustang... you have an amazing car, it goes very well and you'll look so cool doing anything, but if you try to keep up with anything remotely modern around a corner, you'll crash. The MK4 Golf GTI is a good performance comparison to the puma, it's not fast, just fun.

12th May 2007, 10:23

Forget some of the claims earlier in this thread.

It's not a quick car in the greater scheme of things.

It has a brilliant chassis (still holds a 5* rating in Evo).

It is one of the best all round affordable drivers cars of the 1990's.

The "girly" "hairdresser" comments are from the same clueless people who think Skodas are still crap. I have a 250 bhp Octavia vRS which regularly educates these people.

In the context of what it is, the Puma is a great car.

14th May 2007, 07:03

Re comments 12th May 2007.

Well said, completely agree.

20th May 2007, 09:59

I've owned a puma black for 2 years and currently own a racing puma for the last 3 years.

I bought it for the synergy of it's looks, sounds and rarity which are unique at the price.

I had no illusions about it's performance when I bought it which is adequate for UK roads.

It's relatively expensive to maintain in relation to it's current market price.

1st Jun 2007, 23:28

This is amazing, all these comments about the humble little Puma. I'm sure most people won't make it to the end, but if you do...

Most car magazine reviews refer to cars against it's main rivals, so if it says a Civic Type R's handling is a bit dull or lacks feeling it would be in comparison to a Leon Cupra R or 147 GTA or something, unless it states otherwise. It doesn't mean that you'd have more fun in a Chevrolet Matiz.

FACT: The Puma is a load of fun, I really urge anyone who hasn't driven one to take a trip to a local dealer and pretend to be interested in purchasing one. Just one of those cars that handles "right", it was never about raw speed.

FACT: Anyone who knows anything about cars knows that great fun can be had in a slower than what would be classed as a fast car, it's not always about 0-60 times. Or a hire car haha.

FACT: I don't know how a BMW 330 managed to make it into the original review, really how did that kid know the guy was racing him or that he just wasn't a good driver.

In conclusion, the Puma is a great fun, great looking, cheap to buy and run car with fantastic handling that seems set up for crappy UK roads. I've had many sports cars that would destroy the Puma in every department on paper, but I still remember fondly almost every journey I took in mine and the delight of ownership.

If Pumas fall into your price bracket and it seems to tick all of your boxes, I couldn't recommend one highly enough.

A modern classic.