12th Apr 2001, 07:18

Best FWD in the world? What about the Honda Integra Type-R, Peugeot 306 GTI-6, Clio 172? All these are much faster and cheaper and handle just as well as the Racing Puma (and the Integra Type-R handles better). The Racing Puma is good but WAY overpriced - you could buy an Impreza Turbo for less money! And let's not get started on Ford build quality or dealer service...

22nd Apr 2001, 12:15

Racing Puma 0 - 60 in around 7.5 seconds?

Faster than the GTi-6 and Clio 172 I think youll find and more fun as the makers of those cars are total rubbish.

True about overpricing tho, like the ST200 Mondeo they are both wayyy to expensive!

8th Jul 2001, 14:49

No, the ST200 is well priced for what it is. Remember it's in league with the Sierra and Escort Cosworth's in terms of potential top speed, (and both were over 27k at one point or another) although it does lack in traction and cred of a Cosworth. It's pitched just about right considering the ST24 is about 20k with a few opitions!

11th Aug 2001, 17:11

Severe stone chipping on bonnets, front bumpers, wings and lower side panels. You will find it on all Racing Puma's, even low mileage ones.

Poor build quality, check for rust on the sills where the 1/4s are fitted, can be a nasty water trap on the ones I have seen.

I have test driven about 50 of the beasts, fun to drive, but I wouldn't like to own one!

Look at the serial number on the air intake box, if it is pre-fixed with FMC it is rare and worth a few extra pounds, I have seen a few of these.

24th Aug 2001, 05:49

I think you are wrong about this car being faster than a Clio 172. It can hit 60 mph in 7 seconds, and on to 140 mph. It may be faster than a 306GTI-6 though, which hits 60 in around 8 seconds. The Puma Racing does it in over 7.5, and has a top speed of 127 mph.

I don't reckon that Ford's build quality is any better than Renault's either.

26th Aug 2001, 12:21

Oy mate, I've had my Racing puma running to 60 in 7 sec flat and onto 141 mph on a track.

Don't take in everything you read.

30th Nov 2002, 13:09

Racing Puma is an incredible car, and even after three years since its launch, it is still a rare sight on the roads.

Truly stunning handling, and capable of spectacular pace on twisty back roads, it's a total package that will very rarely disappoint. Yes, you may want a few more bhp from time to time, but the fun with this car is working what it has for its full potential.

After a price free fall in 2001 and 2002, used prices are gradually creeping up again. Expect to pay between £13-15,000 in the future for a really good example.

If you've ever thought about buying one.. then now is the time.

25th Dec 2002, 06:19

The Racing Puma is a unique car in its price range.

You can have more power, faster acceleration and top speed, but these things don't constitute a true driver's car.

Buy used and you can sidestep the high initial buy price and what you have is a virtually hand-built race car for the road, not a souped up supermini or family hatch with fancy badging. Experienced drivers will feel immediately that this car has been uncompromisingly fined tuned for the enthusiast.

The Racing Puma will have lasting appeal and value long after all the Clios, 306s and others are on the scrap heap.

P.S. Respect due to the Mondeo ST200- this will easily be the most sought after Mondeo in the future. Classily executed and exclusive.

24th Jan 2003, 17:25

I've owned my FRP for a year.. and before this car I had an Escort RS Cosworth.. fast, great car! The straight line performance will eat the FRP.. But..it was unreliable, and wasn't worth the trouble.. so I thought I'd test drive a FRP that was sitting outside my local Ford Dealers, the instant you sit in the driving seat of the FRP, the Rally driver feeling comes into play! The trim sets off the interior well, but the alcantara steering wheel will become worn after a few thousand miles. Anyone will find the handling of this car addictive, you can go flat out around some corners that you'd have to hit the brake for in many other hot hatches.. most of the £23,000 price of this car went on the handling.. and it shows! I have been on a few track days... and although this may sound far fetched... you'll soon been flying past some serious sports cars.. including the Lotus Elise's...and yes.. they are trying!

One of the most important things for me, if the looks! I have a friend with a Porsche 911 Turbo.. (the car I would love to own one day!) and he swears that the Racing Puma looks better!! I know I'll get ripped apart for this.. but I have to agree.. The FRP looks stunning and will turn heads... and you'll get people at the petrol station's wanting to know more about it. You wouldn't get this from a Clio 172! and most Impreza's are 4 doors! and the Peugeot 306 GTI looks pretty standard every day runner! The Lotus Elise has terrible build quiality.. leaking roof..poor electric's!

So after comparing the pro's and con's you won't find a better all round sports car for this value!! Used Low mileage examples are now available between £13500 - £15500!!! and it's a superb drivers car... you will end up driving further than you wanted just to spend more time enjoying the way this car drives.

ALL in all... if you are thinking about buying one.. go for it! You won't be disappointed!! ENJOY!!

9th Feb 2003, 08:03

Good to see that having read all the reviews from the media about how good this car is, real people love it, which makes me even happier to know that I'm buying one next week, NO 470.!!

18th Feb 2003, 14:25

Ah - that one!

How much?

24th Mar 2003, 12:42

My wife and I had the ever unreliable 206CC each. We decided they spent too much time in the garage so bought an FRP each.

We would never look back, I thought people were mad, until I actually drove one. There is something about this car that you can't put into words, it just has to be experienced to understand.

10th Feb 2004, 08:08

The GTI6 has a 0-60 of 7.2 as proven by EVO on a track day the reason that for the 8.5 times is due to PUG doing the tests with a full tank of petrol and 2 passengers - this is so they can keep the insurance group down. All PUG times that they publish are not correct (they do the same tests as above) you can probably take 1 second of all PUG times that they publish.

25th Mar 2004, 09:09

I own FMC 16.

The Racing Puma is the best fwd car I have driven, and would not sell it for any other fwd car.

5th Oct 2004, 10:02

It's good to see all these FRP's coming out of garages after and four years and finally being used.

I bought one recently with 19K miles for £11K and I think you can pick them up for around 9K now.

Note, however, I've had to replace the rusting exhaust back-box (£270), rear discs and pads (£120), rear wheel bearing (£100), steering wheel (£220) and drivers seat (£500) through wear and tear.

Next to come is the reconditioning of the Alcon calipers (£350), new discs and pads (£500), exhaust mid-section/ catalyst converter (£450) and, possibly, the exhaust manifold (£350) if it cracks again (the first one went at 17K miles)

You can avoid most of this cost by replacing the original mild-steel exhaust system with a stainless steel one and using reconditioned discs with new pads.

So, if you plan on buying an original condition FRP be prepared to discount for maintenance costs