1983 Ford Ranger Base Line 2.8L from North America


Like Ford says,


Ignition module seem to go out around every 40,000 miles. Good idea to have a spare and the special tool in the truck at all times.

Valve cover gaskets leak rather often. Replace with rubber and no more leaks.

A/C quit after 130,000 miles. I may fix it someday. A/C work is expensive.

The engine leaks too much. Each time a leak is repaired... it will then leak somewhere else.

The feedback EEC-VI carburetor is complicated and a headache to work on. That is the weakest part of the truck.

After 20 years and many miles... things just wear out.

General Comments:

I like the solid lifters in the valve train. I like the timing gears as opposed to having chains.

I like the fact that this truck does not have power windows, locks, or even cupholders. It does not even have a tachometer. Less things you have means the less that can go wrong.

This truck was in a serious accident a fews years ago... the cost to have it repaired was more than what the truck was worth. However, I had to have it fixed... I would miss it.

It is a sharp little truck and it has class.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2003

31st Dec 2011, 09:26

I don't know if anyone has caught this, but I think the most amazing thing about this particular review is that this is the only vehicle this person has (apparently) ever owned... no wonder they're so attached to it.

Nice to see some people are still willing to care for their vehicles and not just "chuck" them simply because it's a few years old and has a few miles on it.

A rare sight in our current "throw-away" society.

As of this comment, it's been 8 years since the review was written.

If the owner sees this, please add a comment and catch us up on how the truck is working for you today.