2010 Ford Ranger XL Supercab Sport 4L from North America


Best vehicle I have ever owned!!!


Thermostat - that is it, other than regular maintenance items such as brakes, tires and battery.

General Comments:

This has been the most reliable and trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. Regular oil changes and it's been a dream. The truck came with a tow package, which helps on towing capacity, and payload. Includes a tranny oil cooler.

Jump seats are useless and I would not feel confident to put children or passengers back there. Great for one or two passengers.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2019

16th Apr 2019, 01:43

Are thermostat was the only issue, but you rate the reliability with a 6?

2010 Ford Ranger Supercab 4.0L from North America


Great little truck


Nothing - really! Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this vehicle so far.

General Comments:

It has been a great vehicle. Gas mileage is poor for the size of the truck, but the 4.0L engine really hauls! No trouble moving into heavy traffic.

The 2 wheel drive is a bit challenging on icy roads in Canada, but the traction control, anti skid and stability control really help.

The cab is small and the rear seat is a joke. Only a small child or a very small adult could sit in the jump seats. There is not a lot of headroom, but leg room with the seat extended is good.

Sound system is awesome.

Handling is good. The suspension is very stiff, and will washboard over rough roads, but I would rather it be stiff than soft.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2012

17th Dec 2014, 23:34

I have a 2010 Ford Ranger; a great truck until 40,000 km. Then the front brakes were shot and the transmission is acting up (not going into gear for about 3 minutes or so). Pissed off would be an understatement after talking to the Ford dealership service manager. This is my 3rd new Ford, but never again!!! You would expect a truck to last longer than 40,000 km before major repairs.

2010 Ford Ranger Base 4 cylinder from North America


Great gas mpg


Nothing - brand new.

General Comments:

So far it is great. There is a lot of road noise, but I bought this truck for the gas mileage, which is 28 mpg. It does everything I need it to do. My Dodge Ram was terrible; it got 14 mpg.

I bought the regular cab, and I am 6 foot 4. I am kinda cramped, but it is fine.

I do like the truck; I am in it a lot. I drive 30 miles to work.

The truck has the 4 cylinder engine, but does fine in the highway. I will update this review at every oil change.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2010

24th Sep 2010, 14:03

Took a 500 mile road trip; got 29MPG. What a great product.

25th Sep 2010, 10:46

I really hated to see that Ford will be dropping the Ranger. I've owned 4 and all were really awesome. Now we have no small trucks at all available in the U.S. that can match the Ranger's rugged reliability. Our family company has used Rangers as service vehicles for years. Now I guess the only option will be the Ford Transit Connect vans or the V-6 F-150.

2010 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent ute - not a good dealer


12v sockets keep breaking - apparently it's due to the size of my car charger - funnily enough it's a standard size.

Brake booster stuffed at 5000km. Not good when you drive 200+ kms on an average day.

General Comments:

Love it. Much better than my old Hi-lux (although it was a non-turbo 2003 model).

The ranger is very comfortable to drive, has plenty of power when needed, and is surprisingly economical. It doesn't seem as good as the Hi-lux off road (but this may be due to the fact that the Hi-lux just never stopped going!).

Much more plastic on this car than the old Hi-lux - so have to be a bit more careful.

But I do enjoy going more than 40km/hr uphill.

Dealer is a shocker. It seems to be in there every other week getting something touched up, adjusted or tightened. On the plus side, they do wash it for me :)

Overall I'm happy with the car. It seems to have a few bugs to work out.

Oddly enough, they leave all the controls for the CD stacker with the car, even if one isn't attached - the buttons just don't work.

There are a few little improvements they could make. Next year could be better.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2010