27th May 2009, 18:32

Wow, that's great! I don't doubt you either, Fords are fantastic. I just get bored and tend to trade way earlier than I should :)

27th May 2009, 20:30

I absolutely LOVE your review!! Having owned 4 Rangers myself and never having had a second's trouble with any of them, I heartily agree with your assessment. Our companies use Rangers and 300,000 miles out of the little 2.3 litre XL without any problems is typical.

My family's mileage champ is a 1975 Ford Granada with the I-6 and automatic. It was traded (running great) at 325,000 miles. In the 17 years we owned it it cost us less than $500 in repairs. Each of our three imports cost us that much in the first 50,000 miles. Now when I see the "You'll be sorry you bought a Ford" rants from uninformed import fans I just laugh... all the way to the bank to deposit all the money I save driving Fords!!

30th May 2009, 11:08

You might want to check out an October 2007 article on high-mileage vehicles in Consumer Reports. The vehicle with the highest mileage was a Ford Ranger XLT (a 1993 I believe) with over 488,000 miles on it. Of course true to its general Japanese bias, the cover of that magazine shows a Honda Civic, reinforcing the false impression that Japanese cars are more reliable. In reading the article you'll find that the Honda had the LOWEST mileage of any of the vehicles featured... and people argue that the automotive media isn't biased. Yeah, SURE!!

7th Dec 2009, 11:25

My 2004 Ranger has a leak in the roof. It runs down the drivers seat and soaks the entire seat. It is a standard cab and has 12,000 miles on it. Has anyone had this problem??

7th Dec 2009, 15:29

If you have a sliding rear window (and I'm betting you do) check the seal on it. It's an easy and cheap fix. Lots of luck.