25th Jul 2003, 04:59

I have a 1994 Ranger with 137,000+ miles. I have kept the maintenance up from day one and have not had one problem. Although the 2.3 lacks power in low gears, I find that it has plenty at highway speeds. I spent 3 years driving it 120 miles one way to work,4-5 days per week and had 1 flat tire in my employers parking lot. The tranny has not caused any trouble. I change the fluid every 18 mos+/-. Overall I have been extremely pleased with my truck. I have driven it from NJ-NC-NJ full of tools & in Jan'01 drove it from NJ-FL, also full of tools/personal belongings. I believe that being an aircraft mechanic & taking regular care of my truck (I even keep a log of all work done from checking tire pressures to tune-ups, etc) has contributed to my good fortune with this vehicle. I look forward to another 137000 miles.

28th Sep 2004, 09:09

In between my girlfriend's '93 Splash truck being stolen and then returned (4 days later) I bought a '96 ext cab XL. So, I guess we're hooked! Her truck already made a previous trip back and forth from Ventura CA to Denver CO, loaded to the max and is geared up for another trip now. We haven't' experienced any of the windshield gremlins reported by others and just wait patiently for the 2.3 to do its job. I'm checking the web for some affordable upgrades to the intake and exhaust to help things out.

Good idea to keep clean hydraulic fluid in the clutch mechanism, we noticed a significant improvement when we changed the fluid in her truck.

1st May 2006, 20:15

Most manual transmission don't have a synchro on first gear, making it difficult to put into first without stopping, double clutching, or putting it in neutral (clutch out) then into gear.

Reason being, they don't want you downshifting and blowing the engine up in first gear.

My dad's F150 does it, as does my jetta.