12th Jul 2006, 19:32

Rangers are light trucks, not heavy trucks. 3.0L engines are fine in them and will go up hills fine. They are good engines and decent in power.

14th Jul 2006, 15:28

I have a 01 XLT step-side 4x4 with the 4.0 liter engine. I agree that if you are buying a truck for hauling big loads a ranger isn't it. the truck drives like a shopping cart and feels very sluggish. It dosen't instill me with a lot of confidence that it will last much longer (it has 75000mi on it). The ranger (as well as the s-10, Tacoma, etc) aren't made for people who need a truck. it's a truck-like fashion statement that can haul some stuff and stroke the ego's of the people who need a mini van, but are worried that the neighbors won't think they are tough. I bought it because my van got stolen and I got a deal on it. I wish I would have held out a little longer and look forward to getting rid of it as soon as I can.

18th Nov 2009, 23:37

I stopped reading at "heavy truck". The 3.0 is fine for this LITTLE TRUCK.

25th Nov 2009, 16:54

"The ranger (as well as the s-10, Tacoma, etc) aren't made for people who need a truck"

Gee, I guess we better tell our purchasing department. Since 1992 we've used countless Rangers in both our family's companies. Some in current use date back to 1993 and have over 300,000 miles. Gosh. And we thought they were trucks!

25th Jul 2011, 23:32

I bought a used Edge that came with the 3.0. I would have bought one with the 4.0, but wanted reasonable gas mileage.

The power was marginal until I had the muffler cutoff and a Flowmaster 40 installed. Did not make for better mileage, still about 23.5 average, but much more power, breathes a lot easier, smoother shifting.

Still, climbing hills at 75 MPH (empty or full) requires flooring it, I just slow down to 55-65 and it holds in there. That's not speeding, it's the limit here in NM. Great on a flat surface.

Truck has OMG braking, but locks up easy and goes sideways in an emergency stop.

Overall, it is a good truck, and is probably a good deal for what it cost used.

It does bounce around, and taking corners fast over bumpy roads is asking for trouble. The flip side of this is it takes almost 3/4 ton of stone or heater pellets and holds the road nicely, assuming the weight is as far forward as possible.

Excellent lighting, firm seats. Overall a pleasure to drive.

Biggest lament is the need for Premium fuel in hot weather, runs on low octane in the winter. Same experience with every Ford I've ever owned. This baby sure can knock on heavy, higher rpm loads.

27th Apr 2016, 06:19

A real truck and 4.0 don't go in the same sentence. I agree these trucks are gutless wonders. Chevy owns the gas motor market with the LS series.