11th Oct 2005, 10:52

Hello, I had the same problem with the oil pan gasket and I have heard this is a common problem. Should this be a recall? The price I was quoted was $ 700. I only have 41K on this truck, This should not happen. Where can I get it done for $550?? Contact me at thewills5@att.net and let me know if you got it fixed. Anybody else who had the same problem - let me know how you made out.

19th Jan 2006, 12:54

I have no idea of what kind of truck yall have, but my ranger is very good on gas mileage. It has 75000 miles on it. Runs great without any problems.

30th Jun 2006, 20:58

My brother's 2000 Ranger 4wd gets 18-20 mpg in the foothills and mountains.

29th Sep 2006, 09:28

My Ranger 4X4 gets desent gas milege I would have better, but I have mud tires and a lift kit. But It's never left me in the mud. It's the best truck in my book.

14th Aug 2007, 16:53

I had a 98 ranger xlt and I got over 24mpg, not running AC of course. As far as trucks go, this is one of the best, if not the best, as far as performance to economics ratio goes. It had 156ooo when I sold it to get another one. I had for over 90000 miles and only put in a battery and alternator as well as the normal maintenance.

14th Dec 2007, 18:16

How is the transmission in the 2000 Ranger 4x4 auto?

10th Feb 2008, 21:23

I'm 18 and have a 2000 Ranger with a quarter million miles on it and it still runs great. It has had it's share of problems, but the gas mileage is great, 20+ in the summer. It definitely beats the Chevy Malibu I was going to buy.

14th May 2008, 06:49

I have a 2000 2.5 ranger. I bought it used and it had some problems, It gave me 15mpg. I changes both O2 and MAF sensors, put a K & N intake, change the catalytic converter, new battery and alternator, put in NGK spark plugs and wires, regular oil change along with oil filter and gas filter. Now I get 22 mpg, not bad for an old truck. I would think that on the high way I would get better mpg.

3rd Aug 2008, 14:23

I have a 1998 Ranger 4.0 auto. I bought it 2.5 years ago.

It ran fine for a while then it blew a head gasket... being that Fords 4.0 V6 heads were garbage the heads cracked, and several lifters collapsed. (keep in mind the lifters are $44.00 each! ALSO to replace the lifters you have to pull the heads! God I love those moron engineers!

I have replaced the heads, head gaskets, rockers (they are another problem with these garbage motors they were out prematurely), push rods and lifters. now it has a rod knock and I'm reading that to fix this problem the trans or motor has to be removed!!

Be very wary about buying a Ford Ranger; they are decent (not good, decent) when they run but when something internal breaks, throw the truck away and buy a Toyota.

That's what I did, I'll never own another Ford!!

4th Aug 2008, 16:47

The German built 4.0 in the Ranger is powerful, but the American made 3.0 is much more reliable. I've owned 4 Rangers, 3 with the 4 cylinder and one with the 3.0. None of mine ever had a second's trouble.

7th Aug 2008, 12:15

My 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 has had some problems. I had to replace the head gasket's because the right side had given away. So it was better to change both of them. It was a cost of $180.00 for the complete kit, and it was well worth it. It's something that you can do yourself.

The gasket went at having only 65,000 miles. Now my transmission is jerking only when I get up to 40mph. I had all the filter and gasket and fluid changed along with the front seal because it was leaking. But it's still the same, but it shifts in all gears but it shifts hard. I love the truck but I need to find out about this problem; any ideas?

7th Aug 2008, 14:27

I own a 2003 Ford Ranger 4 wheel drive extra cab and have no trouble but the auto transmission. I had 93000 miles on it but it did not go out but was not acting just right. I work as a rural mail carrier so there is a lot of stop and go all day. I did buy the truck new and I still believe that the Americans companies are the BEST in the world by far.

2nd Sep 2008, 13:39

I've got a 2000 Ranger XLT extended cab 4x4 with 4.0.

I turn the switch to go into 4x4 and the lights only blink for a couple of seconds. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

All but a couple of ABS sensors going bad.

The truck has been great, except now the 4x4 is not working. Truck has 250.00 miles and still trucking.

1st Oct 2008, 20:36

I have 90000k on my 2000 Ranger 4x4 4.0. I have no problems and I beat the hell out of it. If a head gasket blows, I am not to worried about it. I had to replace one in my mother's 3.0 Camry. That was a nightmare.

24th Jan 2009, 19:39

We have the same problem as above with the 4wd not working. The lights blink and the 4wd does not work. 156k on the truck with auto transmission. Transfer case motor works but no power to the motor. We have heard about a relay somewhere but can't find it or any reference to it in manuals or auto parts stores. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

3rd Dec 2009, 01:16

I have an 03 XLT Level II (4.0L Auto, 4:10 gearing) and I have used it for work AND on the trail. I've beat it up for two years and no major problems/repairs yet. Seems to be a tough truck so far. The stock suspension for the Level II is very durable. Stock Bilstein shocks front/rear and a Limited Slip diff in the rear is a great all around package for this little truck. This diff set up is great for the street compared to a straight live axle, but suffers off road as a locking rear would be better (which you can buy aftermarket).

Overall surprised with payload (I've loaded 2000lbs no probs.), and durability.

Complaints. fuel mileage, and rear seats are a joke :)

30th Dec 2009, 20:43

I have an 99 XLT 4X4 extended cab with 185,000 miles on it. I am in the process of putting in a new oil pan gasket, no fun. Followed a Ford repair manual, drop starter, hoist the engine, etc and still can't get the pan out. I think the trans also has to be dropped, but I will try to snake the gasket around the oil pump without any additional disassembly. I like the truck, but never got over 18 mpg. I put on manual locking hubs since the vacuum ones never worked right.

18th Jan 2010, 15:15

To anyone with the 4WD lights blinking while trying to engage, 1998 - 2000 and 2000.5 Ranger 4x4's have an electric module that controls basically every gadget on the dashboard, from the 4WD to the dome lights. This module is behind the stereo next to the gauge cluster. I did a hard reboot of this module (unplugging it for 10 seconds) and it fixed the 4WD problem. After 2000.5 model year (2001 and up) there is a 4WD module that is behind the driver side (left) kick panel.