1990 Ford Scorpio Granada- 2.0 DOHC from UK and Ireland


Supermarkets own-brand limo


The CD player has only ever worked when it feels like it. Other than this, the car has been totally reliable.

General Comments:

Consider insurance costs. It was a very expensive vehicle when new and you still pay a hefty premium for this despite the fact that it now well into banger territory.

The car feels like its on tip-toes when trying to drive it fast, but it is supremely stable when motorway cruising. Do not expect a polished chassis as the steering is dull and suspension too soggy.

The motor isn't as weak as people say. It's a heavy car and so its not going to accelerate well, but it hums along strongly at 80mph using little fuel for what is being achieved. The auto-box is agricultural during changes, but the ratios are ideal.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003

8th Jan 2007, 03:40

I think the Ford Granada Scorpio is an absolute 90's classic and it should become a Classical vehicle in time. Ford have made many different styles and types of cars, but this car is the best of them all.

I think a few images should be inserted into the web-page to make the website stand out more and be more eye catching for viewers of all ages and likes.

1990 Ford Scorpio Ghia 2.9 V6 from Netherlands


Affordable luxury car


I have had some problems with the alarm. The System had to be replaced.

The load adjusting system at the rear axle was broke. Had to replace the compressor and the rear shock breakers. The handling of the car really improved.

The rubbers of the front stabilizing rod.

General Comments:

The car its luxury and comfort is incredibly good compared to the costs of purchase. I bought mine for only 1000 Euro. The previous owner was a Ford mechanic. The car has always been maintained properly so it was in a very good condition.

It is a real speedway car. The cornering is not very good. With only 145 brake horse power for a 2,9 liter V6 the acceleration is not thrilling, but it will do about 210 kilometers per hour.

The car has got all the accessories you should expect on a car of a recent make. It has even got an electric adjustment of the rear seats (left and right separated). Be sure to buy a Ghia for the same price as a cheaper model.

The maintenance is affordable. The only expensive thing was the replacement of gearbox oil.

The only large expenses of the car is its fuel consumption. The V6 is not very economical with its juice. Especially with the Dutch fuel prices.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002

1990 Ford Scorpio 2.9i (not 24v) petrol from UK and Ireland


Heated drivers seat failed (heated bit only).

Front discs warped, rear o/s caliper failed (locked on!)

Electric window switch bulbs.

First exhaust lasted 83,000 miles!

Rear electric seat motor only works intermittently.

TCA bushes perished.

General Comments:

An extremely reliable car, just a few niggles with the brakes.

Interior very luxurious and all electric gadgets have been perfectly reliable apart from rear seat. A brilliant motorway cruiser but around town ride a little lumpy. Fuel consumption excellent considering engine size. I wish power steering was a lot lighter, doesn't feel like it has any.

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Review Date: 21st December, 1998

4th Sep 2004, 09:55

Very true re; the power steering. It is far too heavy.