1992 Ford Scorpio 2litre from UK and Ireland


Very good car if well maintained


Melt down of fuse box

Battery tray corroded

CV joint needed replacement.

Torque converter in auto box needed replacement

Self leveling shocks needed replacement (very expensive)

General Comments:

Overall very comfortable and smooth.

Flawless engine if regularly serviced.

Achilles tendon is the location of the fuse box under the bonnet beside the battery tray.

Examine this area very carefully as EC unit directly underneath inside the car and look for corrosion which will cause leaks and interfere with the electrics.

Make sure that the area around the bell housing for the auto box is dry.

Check rear shocks very carefully.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

1992 Ford Scorpio GLi 2.9 V6 from Netherlands


The best deal in used cars. Get one!


Small rust spots on rear wheel arches. Seems to be a common problem for this model.

General Comments:

For a car this age (12 years old) it is in remarkably good shape. The interior looks like new. There are no rattles or squeaks.

Seats are very comfortable. I drove it for 12 hours straight and did not even feel tired. Backseats are very roomy, and easily hold three adults.

The engine is fantastic! It competes easily with new cars on the motorway, and it reaches 200 km/h (were allowed, like in Germany) at only 4500 rpm.

Even after 12 years and 224000 Km it's still solid. Nothing leaks, no oil consumption in between changes, brakes on the spot if needed.

Luxury sedan with electric everything, sunroof, computer, excellent speakers, heated front and rear windshield, heated electric side mirrors, etc. And all this for 500 euros.

The only downside is the gas consumption. On average 9 liters per 100 Km on motorway, and a staggering 15 liters per 100 km for urban driving. But no complaints here. You buy a V6, you have to expect that. Besides, you actually save money with this car since there are no mechanic bills to pay.

The way it's running I expect this car to go at least another 100000 Km. It seems that Ford does know how to make high quality vehicles. Too bad they didn't keep it up in the other models.

Conclusion: if you are in the market for a used car, get a Scorpio. Beats anything else.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2004

1992 Ford Scorpio Ghia - Estate 2,9i from Denmark


Luxury and reliability at low cost


Air Condition doesn't work.

Ground problem with the Taillights.

Switches for Cruise Control is sometimes hard to get to work.

General Comments:

A lot of room for very little money.

Luxury transportation at it's best!

My car has all of the extras including electrically operated and heated leather seats.

I look forward to every trip.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2003

1992 Ford Scorpio 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Total luxury for peanuts


Exhaust is starting to go and some of the fairing is starting to hang a little on the front offside.

General Comments:

Total quality machine, I was thinking about getting a Jaguar 4.2 but as I do most of my driving in and around London, figured it wasn't worth the petrol.

As far as comfort goes, I can't fault it. Leather seats, excellent air-con, a switch/gadget for everything and all of it works. Although this has been well looked after (FSH, and I mean full).

Took me a while to get used to having wheels that were aligned and power steering that worked when compared to the knackered Sierra.

Fuel consumption isn't that bad, on the motorway at least, it cost me about £20-£25 to get to the far end of Cornwall from South London. Around town it is a bit of a dog though.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2002

1992 Ford Scorpio 24v Cosworth 3.0 from UK and Ireland


Wicked performance


The Scorpio has never let me down on the road side.

The worst problem was the catalytic converters blocking. This happened very rapidly. The car losing power and vibrating rapidly. The backpressure created caused havoc with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system on the car. This shorted out a sensor, and then a large section of the wiring loom burnt out. The repair was costly from my Ford Dealer. I had thought though when driving at the time that it was the Autobox failing. The car had lost near all drive, and wouldn't kick down. When it did change gear, it was very violent.

The total repairs cost about £300. Not including new cats. Cheaper new than a new gearbox.

There have been a few minor faults, like an electric window switch failing, and occasionally the central locking develops a mind of its own.

More recently the car developed a taste for water. Despite me doing extensive checks, I could not find the source. A cheap anti coolant leak product seems to have cured the problem so far.

The build quality of the Cosworths is perhaps a bit poorer than the Standard Scorpios. The alloy wheels are badly corroded. Apparently this happens to all Cosworths.

General Comments:

This car is a joy to drive.

My last car was a lot newer, an Audi A6. This was a sound motor, but failed to give any stimulation when driving.

Even with the Autobox, the Cosworth is a mighty quick motor car. On flooring the accelerator, the car really does run away with you. This is a car that can get you into trouble. VERY QUICKLY.

In the wet, it can be downright dangerous, the throttle has to be treated lightly. From about 30mph, on activating kick down, it has a nasty habit of kicking out the rear end. This takes a bit of getting used to.

Inside, its a story of unashamed luxury. Electrically controlled, heated Raven leather seats, Air Con, CD Player, On Board computer, Cruise Control to name but a few.

The Scorpio likes the fuel though. On long runs this equates to about 26mpg. Around the town though, this drops to a worrying 18mpg.

It has a wicked engine note, basically shouting "lets go". Though at idle the engine is whisper silent. To be honest though I did prefer the engine note of one of my first Granadas, a 2.9 12v. This seemed more refined and less vocal.

The Cosworth is a car I dreamed of owning since about 1993. Ford UK's mainstay production at the minute is unfortunately the likes of the 1.0 Fiesta. They showed they could build a proper motor car, yet axed the Scorpio in the end.

Badge prestige I think. What executive wants to buy a car with the same badge as a lowly Fiesta these days?

Says it all. Ford even gave buyers of the Scorpio a free Fiesta toward the end of the production!

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Review Date: 15th August, 2001

27th Mar 2009, 06:30

I have a 1992 Granada Cosworth, which I have owned for about 5 years. The only problem I have had was the fuse box rotting and EGR valve. The rest of the car has been and is trouble free.