1997 Ford Scorpio Ghia X Estate 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good work horse, but disappointing repair bills


Clutch required replacing at 73,000 miles that cost £300.

Completely new air-conditioning unit needed at 75,000 miles with a price tag of over £500.

Rust appearing on drivers door, wheel arches and tail-gate.

Annoying squeaks from the roof lining.

Steering wheel wobbles at speed which balancing and tracking will not cure.

General Comments:

Pleasing acceleration even with a full load.

Achieve up to 32 mpg (on a run) that I consider to be good for a car of this size.

Amazing load space (managed to fit a small flat packed shed in with the rear seats down!)

Very comfortable although drivers seat tends to work itself loose.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

21st Apr 2006, 17:40

The wheel wobble is caused by the large rear rubber bushes on the FRONT wishbones, change these and it should cure it if nothing else has worked.

1997 Ford Scorpio Ghia 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Excellent comfy car - executive transport


Exhaust blowing at the manifold - quite a big job to repair - timewise.

General Comments:

Very impressed with the comfort and level of equipment. I traded in a 1992 BMW 318i - and that was poorly equipped compared to this. This car has ALL the toys. Main reasons for trading in were lack of luggage space and driver comfort - you certainly get both with the Scorpio. I went for the 2.0 manual, as I would not have an auto for an engine less than 2.3 - and although it's not the quickest thing off the mark, it cruises quite happily on major roads and certainly is quicker top end than my BMW was.

Its very useful having the back seats being able to fold-down, gives you the hatchback usefulness without the noise and rattles.

Costs about the same in petrol, and was cheaper to insure. I am very happy with it.

The looks certainly grow on you, and it was ahead of its time, as the rest of the executive market now have similar headlights etc.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2001