2002 Ford StreetKa Luxury 1.6 8v endura from UK and Ireland


Nice car shame that its made to Ford standards


Engine light keeps coming on.

Alarm sometimes don't operate correctly.

General Comments:

This is my wife's car and apart from the engine light coming on for no apparent reason and no noticeable loss of power or performance it has been a great little 'funster'. The alarm system leaves a lot to be desired, it seems to have only internal sensing via a door being opened, which is great, ours has developed an interesting problem causing the alarm to sound when you try to unlock it, I believe this is caused by a sticky door lock mech. However she will be getting a proper alarm system from a company that know what they are making, not Ford! Apart from these annoyances it hasn't ever let us down, yes its cold on those winter mornings, but after 5 miles once the heaters warm you soon forget about the cold, I believe even rag tops 10 times the price suffer this problem, well maybe not for the owner, but the chauffeur gets cold while warming up the Aston!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 16th February, 2008