2005 Ford StreetKa Luxury from UK and Ireland




Car is now on its 4th alternator, and just had the computer replaced at a cost of £750.

General Comments:

Don't buy this car. Nothing but problems; speedo and rev counter not working, ABS, battery and engine management lights on dash.

Needed new computer after only 32000 miles.

Has now had 4 alternators.

Poor visibility, huge turning circle, poor fuel economy, small fuel tank.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2009

29th Jan 2010, 19:41

My StreetKa also had an ABS module failure after three years and only 12,000 miles - and my researches indicate that this is an all-too-common failing. The fault was diagnosed by a local Ford garage's diagnostics system, and fixed by me using salvaged parts (£45 instead of the £610 garage quote). The heater control valve also failed at around the same time (£25 for the part). Both these problems seem to be typical and indicate faulty components used by Ford.

In all other respects, I am very pleased with the car in terms of its design, build quality and performance. Yes, the turning circle is wider than average and the fuel consumption of 35mpg (measured over 12 months) is less than most equivalent vehicles, but you have to balance this against the reliability of an engine with an 8-valve chain-driven camshaft, which will outlast many of its 16v belt-driven contemporaries.

2005 Ford StreetKa Luxury 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Smashing motor, love it, but costs a bit to run..


Purchased from new. Driver door was not aligned properly when I first picked the car up, had to be fixed at body repair shop.

Air conditioning and heating button both broken and had to be replaced.

Driver window would not wind down properly.

Engine Management System had to be re-tuned - engine over-revving therefore using too much petrol!

General Comments:

Cracking car - I love driving around in it, so much fun, quite zippy for a 1.6 and I think it handles well.

However, things I wish I had thought about before I bought it:

* 'Turning circle' on the steering very wide - makes parking tricky.

* Rear visibility bad when reversing - be careful!

* Car tax currently £190 per annum.

* Despite engine being re-tuned I am lucky if I get 200 miles out of a tank of petrol.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2006

6th Jun 2007, 14:33

I have a Strretka ice 2006 and get about 300 miles to a tank of petrol my ka 1998 got 320miles to full tank and was a 1.3 engine.

2005 Ford StreetKa Luxury 1.6, 8v from UK and Ireland


Excellent roadster, serves its purpose


Nothing has gone wrong with the vehicle yet, so very nice.

The vehicle comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty bought new, which will cover problems which occur, unless subject to general wear and tear, which would then be referred to Ford Warranty's discretion.

General Comments:

Without a doubt the vehicle is a sure take on its baby sister the KA, but I think that's the idea? Right? Still you can't help but feel pretty damn neat getting into it, and literally throwing that roof down on a hot sunny day.

Its sexy curves and cute distinctive look WILL make those heads turn, so if you're a bit of an attention seeker... You got 4 wheels that is gonna attract a whole lot of attention.

It is a good off the mark mover around town, however the StreetKA does unfortunately 'roar' its head off down the motorways.

It's not as fast as the SportKA, which is what I'd recommend to young speed lovers, and I don't believe it handles as well, but what the heck, when this little roadster gets going it's just so much fun, and why would you want to be in any hurry, you just wanna show her off and be cool.

Cruise around town with your stereo up and the roof down at night... see how you create a trail of followers. So much fun!

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005