28th Apr 2005, 12:28

I still have a 1993 Taunus GTS (made in Turkey). Its photos are at: http://fordgaleri2.blogcu.com/page2. It has a completely new interior and a slightly different exterior design. It is also one of the most comfortable and reliable cars I have ever driven. It is a 5-speed 2-liter car, and has power steering, power front windows and A/C. Taunus cars were last manufactured in Turkey by Ford Otosan from 1986 to 1993, which few people know.


30th Jan 2006, 01:27

A Taunus IS a Cortina only the name was changed - all of Europe got the German Taunus and Brits got the Cortina and there were Mk 3,4 and 5 versions in 2Dr,4Dr and estate versions which were called Turnier's in Germany The Germans also never got the 1300/1600 Cross-flow of the Cortina and always had the OHC 'Pinto'engines from 1300 thru to 2000cc.

22nd Nov 2007, 13:43

I learned to drive on a Cortina and I continued to drive it for 10 years. I am still trying to find a car like this, but there is not any possibility. Now I am trying to find an historic car. Hello from Greece.

24th Apr 2008, 13:58

I still enjoy my 1993 Taunus GTS. It's been 10 years since I bought it, and I have done more than 250,000 kms, and it goes perfectly well. You can see its pictures and other Taunuses at: http://fordgaleri2.blogcu.com/page2

11th Aug 2008, 08:15

I recently have bought Taunus 1.6 GL coupe. I have paint it fix the interior and put music. It is amazing vehicle and I just love it. greetings from Bosnia. Guys how can I find to buy spare parts for this car? Is there anything on line?


15th Aug 2008, 13:55

Regarding spare parts, since you live in Bosnia I doubt you can find spare parts with ease. Try german or swedish sites; there were a lot of Taunuses sold in Sweden.

18th Aug 2009, 18:33

There are still tons of Ford Cortina/Taunus cars on for sale in Spain in pretty good nick. I have just bought two, one for usage and the other for spare parts... but how can I buy the fabulous turkish updated Taunus?? eoioscar@yahoo.es

20th Oct 2010, 18:27

I own a 1978 Ford Taunus 2000L, manufactured in Argentina, and the second one of this model I have owned. It is a great car: simple, robust, comfortable, and if well cared for, quite good on performance and handling, and with an acceptable fuel consumption.

It's easily tunable, and there are lots of original and modified models here in Argentina, where it was build between 1974 and 1985, but many are still in regular use.

The models from '74 to '80 were identical to '73-'75 German models, and those from 1981 to 1985 were the same as '79/'82 British (Cortina mk5)/German models.

Argentinian build Taunuses were only 4 door or Coupe 2 door "Fastback" models, and our '81-'85 were the only Coupes ever build in the world, with distinct "Ghia" (Mk5) bodies.

Engines were 2.0 OHC straight 4s or 2.3 OHC straight 4s, denominated "Lima" and with a sport option dubbed "SP", which had 2 barrel carburettors and special exhaust manifolds.

Over 280,000 units were manufactured, of which almost 200,000 still survive and are a regular sight all around the country, especially in the "Provinces", like my homeplace, Mendoza.

Check out the best web page about Argentinian Taunuses at www.clubtaunus.com.ar, they have lots of info about the cars, the parts and the owners.

Best regards from Argentina,

Adriana Mascheroni.