1996 Ford Taurus GL 3.0L from North America


A total LEMON


I have replaced the rotors twice.

I have replaced a $300+ sensor relay chip.

The tensioner seized on the highway and snapped my drive belt causing my car to overheat.

The overflow tank for anti-freeze/coolant fluid split open and I lost most of my coolant.

A switch had to be replaced in the transmission when the car started to shift hard into gear.

The air conditioning compressor is shot.

The cigarette lighter fuse blows regularly.

The brake light comes on regularly even though I have the proper amount of brake fluid in the car.

The car starts to shake at higher speeds (110 km+). I have had two wheel balancing and two wheel alignments and it still does it.

The brakes still squeak even though the brakes in the front have been replaced twice and in the back once.

The front wheel hub assemblies have been replaced once and are on the way out again.

The car has refused to start on a number of occasions because of the fuel pump switch.

My power steering pump is on its way out.

My temperature gauge read hot then drops to cold on a regular basis.

My airbag light stays on for quite a while.

My trunk leaks and now smells mouldy.

My car won`t engage into gear as of this morning. The gear shifter just slides from park to first gear.

General Comments:

When the car actually runs, it handles very well.

However I now understand why people talk about Fords being a "fix or repair daily" and "found on road dead" kind of car.

I will never by another ford as long as I live!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002

14th Feb 2005, 14:36

1. This car (Taurus GL 1996 s/w) it is my boss (if it's willing to starts, then I'm lucky, otherwise, I got to stay with it and wait until he calm down, especially after warm-up)

2. Tension pulley once seized, and caused belt burning and overheated the engine at 140,000

3. "Service Engine Soon" light on and off out of my control and no mechanics can figure it out with aid of computer

4. one cylinder did not work caused a high cost of $354 at 142,000

5. Transmission shifter hardly function properly

6. Transmission Burnt out on highway with full load (6 people-2 adults 4 little kids), cause fire threat to public and cost $1800 minimum fee just fixed the torque converter at 147,000

7. Power steering fluid was leaking from pinion costs whole pocket bucks and still leak

8. windshield wash fluid comes out from my click under its own willingness,

9. Two months ago, the alternator failed. since then 'my boss' quited to work and sleeps on the yard due to another alternator put on (nothing was touched) at 150,000

10. It was decided that this 'My boss' will be given away since no body wants to pay money on it.

11. While, it's a good looking car. I probably get some bucks back from its appearance.

1996 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 V6 from North America


An unreliable grocery getter


I should have known that this car was a lemon when I bought it at 106000 miles for only $3000. The body was in perfect shape, but everything else was a disaster. The biggest problem was my transmission. It kept on slipping and not dropping into gear, and was very dangerous on the highway. That was going to be a $2500 bill, but I am in the process of trading it in now. Other problems is the electrical... It thinks the doors are open when they are not. Also it got a massive oil leak from the oil sender switch.

General Comments:

It was a comfortable ride and the 4 speed trannsmission was nice on the highway when it worked. It was a fast car... I could usually beat most people in it. The A/C worked great and the power features were nice too.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2002