22nd Oct 2008, 23:58

I did a quickie search on a large classified site for Tauruses. Barring the stupid deals (yeah, the car's $7995...after $3500 cash or trade equity), it seems there are literally THOUSANDS of these 2007 Tauruses for sale for less than $10,000. And that's only one website's worth of postings. I found one near me, in Tungsten gray, with 34,000 miles, for $7997. Dozens more near me for $8000-$9000, and hundreds for $9000-10,000. Any color, SE or SEL, cloth or leather, cassette or CD.

I don't see any point in spending $15-$30K on a new car, when one could have a one-year-old Taurus sedan for $8000-$10,000. If you look hard enough, you can find them at Ford dealers, Ford Certified Pre-Owned, STILL less than $10K with a fairly strong powertrain warranty and the option to buy more warranty covering either more miles or more components.

RJ Reynolds sales reps drive them. LabCorp uses them for courier vehicles. Cab companies in Dallas-Fort Worth use them en masse as taxicabs. Not just because they are reliable (03-up with AX4N transmission and Vulcan V6), but also because they are Cheap. Why spend $10,000 for a 2007, you can get the identical 2004 model for $4,000, or a 2005 model for $6,000. It all depends on how hard you look for that good deal.

By the way, 2007 Tauruses could not have the Flex Fuel engine. If you want that, find a 2004-2005 model or a 2006 fleet only model. The badge on the fender is usually easy to find, but if the car's been repainted, they might leave it off, so check under the hood on the certification label to see if it's E-85 certified or not. Vulcan V6's are probably the most efficient when it comes to E-85, getting better mileage than a comparable 06+ Impala running E-85. Ford has been building them since the 90s like that.