4th Feb 2010, 17:39

I'm the OP. In the fall of 2008, with 400,000 km (240,000 miles) I had to junk the car. I would have fixed the rear brakes if the rocker panels had not completely disintegrated.

When jacking up the car, the body collapsed on the jack under the weight of the car. There was nothing left under the plastic rocker panel covers but sand, flakes of rust and long strips of pristine paint. The rust was moving up the B pillar between the doors. Here in Ontario, they put salt and sand on the roads in winter. The plastic covers just held the moisture in and caused the corrosion.

I felt the car was no longer safe to drive. If I had gotten rear-ended, the car would have folded up.

I still drive my 95 Volvo which has only a few spots of surface rust at 467,000km (280,000 miles). I do miss my Taurus wagon and would buy another one if the later models had better fuel economy.

If not for that, I would whole-heartedly recommend buying a Taurus wagon. It's extremely roomy, stable, and powerful without the inconvenients of an SUV.

When the Volvo goes, I'll be looking at Ford for a replacement and select a Freestyle or Taurus X.

21st Mar 2010, 14:01

Well, I just bought a '99 Taurus SE wagon, and I hope the original poster's comments hold true! This seems clean in/out, and had only 79,000 miles on it. Seemed a good price in the end (talked seller down to $3,000).

20th Aug 2010, 23:16

I just picked up a 99 Taurus SE Wagon ("Comfort") with 134k miles here in South Florida for $2500 + ttt ($3000 now).

AC had a small leak that was fixed by the dealer (South Florida + no AC = not gonna sell LOL), and the passenger side window was cracked (obviously this isn't an inherent issue with the car or its design or whatever, more of a "user error").

I test drove it, and it seems pretty decent! No hesitation, no problems with the way it "feels" under operation, and no electrical problems! I was surprised to find even the sunroof working.

Felt pretty solid (very much unlike the 2001 Focus I had test driven right before -- those young Focuses feel like tin-can deathtraps LOL), and I made sure to hit bumps and drive through puddles to see what would happen.

Seems evident that prior owners took care of it, though I don't have all the records. Picking it up tomorrow after they finish replacing the window, and immediately having new tires and brakes put on. Wish me luck. :) -k.

21st Aug 2010, 23:26

Just bought a 99 wagon with 32K original miles. The dream used car owned by an 81 year old lady who only drove it to the Dr's office and pharmacy. The interior is like it was in a time capsule.

The only problem I noticed is a slight pull; nothing a front end alignment won't cure. The third seat in the trunk was a nice find. The folding seat had never been opened best I can tell. Hoping I can find the CD changer back there too. There's nothing I don't like about this 11 year old Taurus Wagon, but time will tell.

14th Oct 2010, 15:47

I just purchased a 1999 Taurus Wagon. 130,000 miles.

The wipers have a mind of their own, which a simple by-pass switch will fix for $2.00. The thing is, it can't decide whether it is blue or purple... mood paint?

I just love the thing and @ $2500, I am not complaining.