30th Aug 2002, 22:12

1991 Ford SHO.

I bought this car new right off the showroom floor from a Houston, Texas dealership. Right now it has 137,000 miles and runs just like it did new. Of course you have to maintain it just like any other sports car, but if you know the right places to look, you can get Motorcraft parts really cheap. Items that have been replaced have been a water pump, new updated clutch assembly, power steering hoses, coolant hoses, and just the other day valve cover gaskets. No one seems to like to work on these, but they're simple to do. I used SHO maintenance found at Google.com.

All these parts that I have replaced have been preventive maintenance. Not one of these items failed on me while driving the car. I would say to anyone out there who is looking for a SHO, do not buy it right away. More than likely, the previous owner did not take care of it by the book, and it will cause you problems. On the other hand, take it to the Ford house and pay around $90.00 to have the engine tested and go from there. I think only serious buyers should do this first, to prevent too much money to be spent.

Good luck with your SHO's, and a high five to all those SHO owners out there.

William Ford

Dallas, Texas.

20th Jun 2003, 22:21

I have a 91 sho plus. For the last 6 years no problems. however, the last 3 weeks driving along the engine dies, the check engine lites up on the dash. after about 20 minutes or so she starts up normally and I'm on my way. I was told it needs a crankshaft position sensor (cps). how much labor is involved to install another one and about the cost. would appreciate some answers please.

24th Sep 2003, 17:22

For the first question.

I had the same problem, it is one of two things, first most likely it cause your throw out bearing in your clutch ass. is messed up (needs a new clutch). Second, the synchronizers are going out (Due to not being driven/shifted right). For the second question it is not so easy to put a cps in. As you can tell in the SHO they didn't give you much room to work with so almost every job includes taking 1/2 the motor apart. I would say it would be better to let a shop do it, might run around $400 to do it though.

13th Nov 2003, 18:20

I own three SHOs now. I first bought my 1992 MTX in 1997 and love the car. Very solid car. I always use Mobil One. I do my own work. Buy the shop manual. Get some decent tools. Every 60K, plan on spending some $$$ on water pump, timing belt, crank position sensor, spark plugs, and cables. It's worth the investment. Every 80K, expect to do the valve shims. It's not difficult, just take your time.

The car is not for the average person, it's for the enthusiast. It costs $$$ to keep it running strong. But when it runs, it runs like a bat out of hell. I like the flexibility to slide it into 3rd on the highway, step on it, and pass the jerk that just makes that morning commute a bit too frustrating. So, if you want to have fun, learn to appreciate that SHO, and it will love you back.

My last two were recent purchases for parts and additional transportation (1992, identical to my first, and a 1990 from a friend).

Happy Motoring, JP, Manassas VA.

13th Sep 2004, 18:03

Hey guys! I have a 93 SHO and I was told by someone that also have a SHO, that the power band that kicks in at 4,000 RPM can be turned down. So that it will kick in at 3,000 RPM or so. The thing is I can't find anyone or any piece of literature that has the location or the adjustment. So if you have and helpful info that would be great!


12th Nov 2004, 19:59

I can understand a lot of people thinking the SHO is junk and it really does come down to how it is maintained. Don't maintain the car and it will fail early. The maintenance can be expensive if you can't perform it yourself. My SHO is a 90 with 245 K on it, I've put two clutches, a TPS, Coolant Sensor, CV joints, two water pumps, a fuel pump and a radiator. It has been driven daily since August of 95. Anyone can say what they want, but Ford did this one right.

24th May 2006, 00:47

Looking around on the web for some info on fuselinks for my SHO and I find this list of comments.. Well I am a SHO lover and with my '90 now having 326K on the odo, Yamaha built a winner for ford, too bad ford wouldn't support the product. They may have found that they were for a short, quick, window of time, the leader in a field of competition that had no idea what a 4-door sedan could really do... Long live the SHO and their owner's.

Ma Ma M and Snowwind 1990

Springtown, Texas, formerly of Houston.

27th May 2007, 21:24

I purchase my 1991 Ford Taurus SHO in 1997 with 75,000 miles on it. The previous owner garaged and serviced it regularly.

I still own the car and have replaced the clutch three times. In recent years I have not been so hard on it and the last clutch has lasted 4 years. Overall, I have enjoyed this car more than any other car I have own in 40 years. I purchase the car for $ 6 grand cash and put almost 6 grand into it over the 9 years I have owned it. Now, you do the math. No payments for 9 years and I drove a car that was both fast and comfortable with all the options that new cars come with today.

I still enjoy getting out in this car with the awesome performance this car delievers.

The car is in very good shape with minor exterior defects, but the interior is in nice shape. No rust because the car stayed in WA state.

A dream of mine would be to some day restore this car to excellent condition, but I am ready to let it go to someone else. Upgrade stereo system and alarm system are only two things not stock..$ 2,000.00 OBO rede2use2007@gmail.com.