16th Nov 2002, 10:46

I bought my ford new from the dealer. I took it back 24 times under warranty and they would not fix it. I even sent the car home with the manager so he could experience the problems. He admitted that the car was not working right, but they would not fix it. When I complained to Ford Motor, an operator from far away told me that they just go along with the dealer. Anyway, after the warranty was up, they fixed it, $850.00. "I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A FORD AGAIN!" I can't imagine why anyone would.

13th Jun 2003, 08:20

If you have a "popping" noise in the front end of your Taurus its prob. the engine cradle bushings. They are rubber and brake down in a few years allowing the cradle to shift under braking and turning. Takes less than 1 hour to fix and you should have the car lined up afterwords.

The drifting problem that some Tauruses have (the car drifts slightly on uneven pavement at highway speed) is due to the camber caster adjustments. The strut towers have to be relocated. This involves drilling the spot wields out of the top of the strut towers in the front end. No matter how many times the car is lined up the dealer or noone alse will tell you this because it's a pain to fix for them. Ford covers the repair process in the manual so insist that it be fixed the way I discussed earlier. It will cost 180 to 200 dollars and take several hours. A four wheel alignment job should be done afterwards. Ask to have the towers wielded back and not riveted. Ford says that rivets are fine though.

Rodney Long.

13th Jun 2003, 08:42

If you are having problems with the door ajar or dome light staying on then the switch, one or both located in the doors are bad. Replacing the switches are fairly easy and should take no more than an hour per side. The door panel has to be removed.

Much of the brake problem that everyone has talked about in the Taurus is due to the wheels not being properly seated on the hub. When your tire guy replaces your tire (or you) close attention should be payed to the torque of the lug nuts, the pattern in which they are tightened and checked to be sure the rim is seated. The taurus has a "floating" rotor and ford installed a retaining devices that rust and brake or the tech at the tire place just doesn't reinstall. The devices are to keep the rotor seated against the hub.

My taurus has 156,000mi on it and I have had most problems that every else has had, but I'm the type of person that can fix my own car , so I don't rest until the problem is fixed. Every thing has problems and solutions. If you have questions e-mail me at rodney.a.long@us.army.mil.

18th Sep 2004, 20:33

My 1997 Ford Taurus GL has about 7,000 miles on it and recently has problems with power steering, power locks and windshield wipers not working. Also, makes a clicking sound that seems to originate on the driver's side dashboard.

Please advise.

8th Jan 2006, 01:51

My 1997 Ford Taurus GL has a radiator Problem I think. My friend and I have patched up hole in the radiator tubes where pressure has caused it to burst. Where three tubes meet at a T I fixed and about a week later it was busted again. Every time I patch it up it bursts somewhere else. People tell me I should fix my thermostat, but I don't know what to do.