16th Jan 2006, 15:51

I am looking for OEM replacement fog lights for my 95 ATX. Please e-mail shobreak@hotmail.com if you can help.

10th Dec 2007, 11:21

Great family sports sedan. I can say that now, after having been in touch with members of a SHO club who know practically everything there is to know. I'm reluctant to take it to a Ford dealer for repairs because they seem to know little about the SHO. Ford "diagnosed" what turned out to be a tranny shudder as a computer and sensor malfunction. They replaced both O2 sensors, the ERG valve, the MAF sensor, the spark plugs and the wiring. When that didn't work --after the $1500 bill-- I was told about the transmission shudder and informed that it would cost another $2000+ to replace the lock-up solenoid. I consulted the SHO club and was advised to replace the battery cables, since the factory-installed cables (3 GA) will degrade over time (100,000+ miles) and rob essential sensors of necessary current. Replacing those cables with 2 GA. aftermarket cables solved my transmission shudder instantly and also ended problems I'd had with the alternator. But I wish they would replace those misleading "Check Engine" lights with "Check Powertrain" lights, since the light will come on for any number of reasons other than engine problems.

12th Dec 2007, 14:17

While the motor may be unique and outstanding, the rest of the car is all Ford (this is a quote from above).

Well, no, the wheels are Italian. Better-looking than the intake which is not large enough to hide all the crappy stuff.

25th Jan 2008, 18:59

From Dec. 10th person.

What was the issues with your car prior to taking it to Ford?

I'm having issues myself that KIND of sound similar to yours.

23rd Feb 2009, 01:10

My check engine light comes on when I turn the key into the ignition, and goes off when the engine turns over. It starts right up, no hesitation, and on top of that, it's as quiet as a church mouse. Is there something other than the engine that might be a problem? I just want to know?