27th Aug 2005, 00:54

Problems should be looked at or fixed right away, or else, you know the rest. But I have a 88 Taurus Wagon with the 3.8 and have had no mechanical problems at all. It runs better than my mom's 97 Saturn SL.

14th Jun 2007, 07:46

Why are any of you people trying to justify fixing an 88 Ford Taurus? And why compare it to a Saturn? Don't you people buy high quality vehicles anymore or is this a craps shoot for everyone? Taurus' were terrible cars in the showroom, they were God awful looking, they lacked refinement and all in all were lacking in every category. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few thousand dollars for a Toyota or something. Read the reviews, great on gas, simple to maintain and its not a Ford so you can't lose.. If Ford made anything well then maybe they would actually be known for something other than being slapped together, blue collar junk piles.

30th Jul 2008, 18:33

OK, seriously...

How in the hell can you say that this car was the crap of all Ford\American cars?

Considering that the Ford Taurus - especially the '88s - were the BEST SELLING cars of the entire country. And still are! I myself own a Ford Taurus '88 wagon. And honestly, the repairs you mentioned... were nothing. The recalls will be done by Ford FOR FREE!!! Ford does that with all of their recalls. Read up a bit.

This car has the best gas mileage of all of the cars of that year TO DATE. Not to mention, it had the most seating, the most storage space, and the best looks of the time. Yes by today's standards - which aren't very high let me clue you - deem this car to be ugly as hell, but honestly, who cares about looks when you get a car that - if taken care of properly - will last you for a very very long time, and can even make its money back.

You are obviously pretty young, and very inexperienced with vehicles and money. To anyone with ANY experience with owning a vehicle, this car can be a gold mine, if you find one that's been taken care of with some common sense.

17th Oct 2010, 15:57

YUP!!! He's exactly right!!! I have a 1988 4 cylinder Taurus, and man that car can run. You know why? Because I've always taken good care of it. I've changed the fuel pump, map sensor, and 02, oil and filters, brake pads and disc, alternator, fuel pressure regulator, spark plugs and wires. And I changed all of that because it's a 23 year old car, and it's always best to do all that before they fail on you.

So my car is really healthy, and my air conditioning works great.

Radiator works like new; it's always at a good temp.

My engine runs strong, my tranny works good; it just leaks because I hit a curve in New Mexico when it was snowing; I couldn't see anything, so I hit the curve hard, and my tire got tore up.

But all in all, in my opinion, if you buy an old used car, make sure you give it a good tune up, and it will treat you good like my Taurus has till this day. I still drive it around it almost has 100k on it. I'm at 98,589 =) Great car.