3rd Jan 2008, 11:14

My 1988 Ford Taurus dies if I run the Air conditioner or heater after 45 minutes. I've taken it to a number of mechanics and they can never find the problem. In the winter it always starts right up, but in the summer I'm usually stranded for a couple of hours before I can go on.

4th Jan 2008, 06:34

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus with a lot of the same problems. dim lights flicker lights while driving, windshield wipers going whenever. battery light stays on. thought it was the alternator, but now I think it too must need electrical work. No idea how much that will cost not that the alternator is outrages in price. It runs between 125-200.00 in virginia. Has anyone gotten the electrical fixed? How can you contact ford and complain that the vehicle should have a recall if so many people have the same complaint.

30th May 2008, 03:54

My husband and I bought a 99 Ford Taurus SE a couple of weeks ago and already have had to replace the EGR sensor. When it was replaced, the service engine light returned and we found the EGR valve was plugged. This is fixed, but now the gremlins are leaving the overhead light on and the windshield wipers are going on and off by themselves.

I have read many comments about Ford having a chronic problem with the lights and windshield wipers... but no solution. Would someone from Ford please respond with an explanation and hopefully a fix... or I may return to my trusty GMC.

21st Jun 2008, 14:23

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus and I can't say that I've had too many problems with it, except for the windshield wipers!!! At first they just came on by themselves, and now they don't work at all, and no one seems to know if it's the motor or the switch.. Has anyone else had this problem??

15th Aug 2008, 21:22

I have a 99 Taurus and had the same problem with the windshield wipers going on and off by themselves. I replaced the multifunction switch (turn signal, wiper blade) and it took care of the problem.

28th Sep 2008, 05:57

I just have a suggestion to those who have had their 99 Taurus overheating. I had this happen in May, and while the car itself was overheating, I wasn't getting any heat at all. Took it to an excellent mechanic, who informed me that there was a hole in the coolant tank/pump (somewhere in that vicinity...), which was causing the pressure that was needed to pump the coolant to not be there, which was causing the car to overheat and wasn't generating enough pressure to heat the car.

The part to replace it was expensive (around $150-$175), since Ford doesn't allow a "generic" version to be made, but it has been worth it since my car is running fine. Good luck, I hope this helps.

29th Sep 2008, 14:20

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus and the steering belt is coming off, the check engine light is on and sometimes over heats, the windshield wiper comes on on its own, and I've only had the car for about 8 MONTHS and still make payments on it.

15th Jan 2009, 12:30

I drive a 1999 Ford Taurus SE, and I have no problems whatsoever. I recently bought a supercharger, and installed it along with converting it to M/T. Now I'm just saving up to purchase a brand new suspension.

31st Jan 2009, 21:41

I have an 99 Taurus and 2 weeks after bought it, transmission, then coolant, O2 sensor, speed sensor, and yes the wipers. I've now installed a CD player, worked for 30 minutes, now doesn't come back on. Does anybody know where the radio fuse is located?

4th Feb 2009, 17:09

I also have a 99 Ford Taurus. The windshield wipers also go off whenever they feel like it. I also get the "door adjar" indicator when driving and now my alarm will go off whenever it feels like it. Not great when I am getting complaints from co-workers and also my apartment complex.

Car has been at ford for almost five hours and I still don't even have a call back.

Obviously this is a large issue with this model if so many people are experiencing the same exact issue. Seriously, screw Ford. I will never buy another one again.

9th Feb 2009, 00:11

My turn signals (both sides) have stopped working on my 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon. At first when I tried the hazards they didn't work either, but I sprayed WD-40 down by the hazard button and this got the hazards working really easily. On hazards, all of the bulbs flash like they should. The flasher behind the dimmer switch clicks like it should. Also, when I push the turn signal, the white lamp that illuminates in that direction does turn on. So I couldn't decide if it was the switch or the flasher since they both seemed to be doing something right. I cleaned out the internals of the switch and put it back on, this didn't change anything. I bought a new switch and put it on, this also didn't fix it. So I ordered a new flasher (I believe there is only one, behind the dimmer switch, correct?), and this also didn't change anything at all. So its definitely not either of those. In every troubleshooting discussion I've seen it was one of these things. And the bulbs work on hazard, but I haven't really checked them individually yet.

Anyone have any clues for me?

3rd Mar 2009, 14:06

1999 Ford Taurus, I too have an wiper flaw, they come on by themselves, sometimes staying on. The inside electric door locks click and start to move when operated by inside buttons, but won't lock or unlock doors and also cd player in trunk seems to not have power. The car was recently purchased used. CAN ANYONE HELP?

23rd Jun 2009, 08:47

I have a '99 Ford Taurus. Came on to see if anyone has had the same problem (s) I do with it. I stopped to get gas and the battery just...died...took ten minutes of trying to jump to get it to start again. I'm really hoping I'll be able to get hope from work!

Electrical system IS finicky. Windshield wipers, yes, turn on randomly. No problems with the door lights, though. Transmission sucks... (unless my perceived trans problem is just more electrical issues). Brake system not good either.

I don't know what else I'd expect from a ten-year-old car with almost 160K on it, though. I've racked a LOT of miles on it over the past year, so... I guess I can't complain too much.

23rd Jun 2009, 10:43

"Came on to see if anyone has had the same problem (s) I do with it."

My Taurus started acting really weird electrically when the battery got close to being dead. Lots of seemingly unrelated bizarre behaviors. I thought for sure the computer must be fried or something. But with a new battery, everything went back to normal and has been normal for the last two years.

Same thing happened with my Volvo S40. I guess I have finally learned to change the battery before doing any other electrical troubleshooting.

23rd Jun 2009, 12:10

1999 Taurus - My battery light randomly decided to start flickering but the lights/internal lights/clock radio, etc. all seem to be fully powered and not dim, so thinking it's not the alternator.

Key remote stopped working and door ajar light comes on when the door is closed...114K+ miles on it.