10th Apr 2005, 09:21

I own a 2001 Taurus with no such problem, 48500 miles. Just as a rebuttal. Maybe the answer is a good repair shop, and good tires. It's ironic how one problem condemns the whole company. Mine had factory firestones on it, they were crap, no wet or ice traction, and hard as a rock, rode like a lumber wagon. I put Toyo's on it, different car... go figure!

Tires make a lot of difference. I am a ford guy, but if you look at this review, it is one dimensional and as I said, the problem could easily have been the repair shops, and not the car. Thanks for your time.

15th Apr 2005, 11:06

I have a 2000 Taurus SEL, and also had the same vibration since I bought the car new.

One dealership tried several things, before I called FORD and had them direct to another dealership. They corrected the problem by doing a FORCE BALANCE in the tires, which I never had to rebalance for about 50K miles.

Now it was time for new tires, and I bought 85K mile Michelin tires that are T rated. My vibration came back, and it is worse than before. The odd thing though, is that it doesn't vibrate all the time... At the same speeds that it normally shakes like crazy at.

All I can think off, and hope for, is that another FORCE balance for about $150 would correct the problem for the life of the new tires.

I also wouldn't buy another Ford again, because of other problems that I've had in addition to this one.

5th Aug 2005, 21:12

I too am a TARAUS OWNER. Never again, too many much better cars out there. With 29000 miles on a 2000 TARAUS and it's worth nothing. This thing is a rust bucket-- just got a recall this week on the front strut covers because of a rust problem. And what about those STUPID door locks---put it in park and only the drivers door unlocks. Come on FORD lets get with it.

13th Mar 2006, 15:04

I own a 2002 model and have similar problems. There is and has always been a vibration in the steering wheel and brakes. The vibration has grown worse over time. I now have 76,000 miles and car is hard to maintain control due to vibrations. I hate to trade car due to the poor trade value. Will not buy another Ford.

I have read several reviews and some have said the repairs needed to fix are not much considering the price of car. Well, before this Taurus, I owned a Beretta. I traded it at 163,000 miles. This car is a reasonably cheap car, cheaper than the Taurus. The only problem I had was the drive belt tensioner needed replace, $75.00. Five years, 163,000 miles and a $75.00 repair bill. Now, at 76,000 on this Taurus, I'm looking at a couple of grand to repair. At one time, I highly value the Taurus. Now, I call it a piece of junk.

30th Mar 2006, 20:17

All you guys do is whine. "Oh, it shakes! I will NEVER buy another Ford! Never, ever ever!" Does it occur to you to go to a different mechanic? Quit your whining!

28th Jul 2006, 23:01

I've read about 10 different forums with the same complaint on Taurus. Well, I've had the same problem. 2002 Taurus with 95K miles. Guess what? After new struts, new balanced top of the line tires, new tie rods, new CV joints, and new ceramic top of the line brakes and vented rotors. STILL vibrating. Guess what it was... MOTOR MOUNTS. Check your motor mounts my friends. My 95K '02 Taurus rides like a '06 BMW now. Have a nice day.


N.O., LA.

12th Apr 2007, 16:14

I have a 2001 ford Taurus and I love it. Yes my car vibrated also. After getting new tires and keeping them rotated, the car never vibrates. I just replaced front and back brakes for a whopping 500.00 charge, but it was negligence on my behalf for not getting the rear brakes adjusted. Mine drives like a dream... and now (500.00) later, I understand the importance of keeping those rear brakes adjusted. I wouldn't trade my car for anything!

4th Oct 2007, 13:42

I have a 2000 ford taurus with 138000 miles... no problems what so ever love this car I will buy another one and another... its not the flashiest car, but its the cheapest and most dependable. you cannot beat these cars for the price they do have a low resale so buy them used! as I did. I paid 3200 dollars for mine what a deal.

19th Jul 2008, 07:03

I own a 2002 Ford Taurus SES with the 24/v 200 hp engine and the car overall has been pretty good. I read about the vibration problem and have solved both issues causing it. First the OEM brake rotors are JUNK, and until you replace them with quality aftermarket ones they will be a problem. Second, quality tires mounted and balanced correctly should solve the shimmmy/vibe at turnpike speeds. Also a 4 wheel alignment would be in order. My single biggest complaint is RUST around the left rear wheel well that has been repaired twice now only to return in 6 mos.! The dealer gets ONE more shot at correcting it and then I'm going to file a LEMON LAW case against them in NYS.

26th Aug 2008, 14:23

Ford Taurus 2002 owner here. I've had the car since 2004, so it's been about 5 years. It's been in the shop about 11 times. Problems include:

Alternator at 40K, ball joints at 25K and at 40K.

C/V boots and right C/V rod at 33k.

Struts at 16k, wiper hose at 48k, plastic tie rod thing snapped at 30k, front brake (not the pads) at 25k, front suspension bushings at 30k, master cylinder at 54k, steering wheel loose at 30k, alignment problems almost every year.

Blower fan for A/C heat shorted at 45k, window control (up/down) at 45k.

Water pump leaking at 45k.

Side mirror control at 25k.

Also the trunk leaks, and a pool of water sits in the spare tire wheel well. I have to drain it after driving in the rain, if I want to avoid a rust/musty smell.

I did get the extended warranty when I got the car, so the big ticket stuff was covered with only the 100 deductible. The majority of problems are suspension related.

Fuel economy is not good at 18 MPG. Reliability, as you can see is bad. I drive about 50/55 on the highway to the chagrin of the people behind me in order to 1. save money on gas, and 2. so that I don't tax the car. The oil is changed every 3.5k. No accidents. No tickets.

I won't be buying a Ford again. I might be looking at a GM car, but more than likely it'll be a Honda or Toyota. I have paid about $1000 in deductibles (100 dollars each), and 2000 in out of the pocket repairs for out of extended warranty repairs.

My GF has a Honda with twice the mileage of my Taurus (mine is about 58k, hers is about 130k), and I notice that her car gets good MPG.

18th Oct 2008, 12:46

My question is about the motor mounts causing vibration. Actually it's about repairing them. How do you know when you need to replace them? Also someone mentioned a joint needing a bearing? How do you check that?